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Hello, I am newer to snmp and I am trying to configure an snmp viewer to read specific traps. I am having a hard time wrapping my head around the oids and MIBs trying to find the ones I need, like chassis temp, CPU %s, Power supply etc. Is there an e...

afmiller by Beginner
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i am trying to copy running configuration to TFTP but unable to do, layer3 switch configuration is given below for reference purpose please advice        kron occurrence backup at 18:25 recurringpolicy-list backupkron policy-list backupcli show runni...

faamin011 by Beginner
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1. Can any valid RP address be converted to be Embedded RP address ? such as 2001:1:2:3:4:5:6:8/64.   2. Can 2005::5:5:5:5/128 be converted to be embedded RP address ?  If yes, assume group is 10, should it be 2005:5:5:5::10 or something else?   3: i...

gongya001 by Beginner
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Hi,     I am wondering why intra-VLAN traffic hits a Router ACL on a VLAN interface (in this case on a C4510 running IOS 12.2).   Example : 10 permit ip (31875 matches)       I am aware of VLAN ACLs to bloc...

David P. by Beginner
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Hello ,   I a new to nexus.   I've been tasked to put two nexus switches (C93108TC-FX) into VCP.   I am more a VSS guy.   I  have the following concerns : 1) how many physical ports will be required to bring up the VCP ( i am being confused between  ...

marine253 by Beginner
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Resolved! 4500-x TFTP issues

rommon 72 >ping   Host  is alive rommon 73 >boot tftp://    Received device in rommon state. Attempting to use mgmt port and TFTP to download necessary files. I can ping, but fai...

Community, We are experiencing an odd situation where 1 of our 200 vlans is dropping packets to end hosts.   Setup: Pair of Nexus 7K's via VPC connecting to a 4500 switch.  The 4500 is layer 2 only, with the SVI's installed via HSRP on the 7k's.  3 V...

Hi Cisco community,   I have a question regarding the security of IPSG. Am I correct in the assumption that IPSG enabled with the interface command (ip verify source) and DHCP-snooping database would not prevent ARP-spoofing attacks as of the reason ...

tschafferx by Beginner
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I accidentally deleted the IOS on my new switch and hoped someone could tell me how to recover it.  I have the image I need on my PC and have booted the switch to the switch: prompt but don't know how to transfer it.  The configuration guide tells me...