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Looking for a bit of guidance.   I have a customer that is using a Catalyst as their CPE, it also appears they are using this device as one of their core switches as there are over 20+ VLANs connected to the device through a number of trunks. The cus...

tenbucker by Level 1
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Resolved! 3850 IOS image

Hi all,I`m strugling with choosing the right image for my 3850. Should i install universal image or universal without DTLS. Can someone advise which image i need? In sh version output i have package with ldpe mark, but the image is universal. Thanks ...

legor by Level 1
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Hi All,   I've just added a new 1G backup link between two sites which also has a 10G primary circuit.  The delay on the primary link is 10 microseconds as is the delay on the backup link and I've also added a delay of 10 (100 micro seconds) on the b...

     Hi all, This is a network topology currently i am working on. I have user connected in different vlan and server in different vlan. All my vlan gateways are configure at DS Cisco 3850 switch. I am using OSPF between DS and core (nexus 9504). Cur...

animezde1 by Level 1
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Hi, Having problem connecting TV box (Oasis)  to a switch 2960  After connecting to any port, the port goes up and after couple of seconds goes down I have changed duplex, speed. Still does not work Are those TV boxes use different protocols? I have ...

  Hi,  i have tried to configure the Ethernet OAM between Cisco switch and Huawei Switch, Pls find the below topology Topology: Problem Observed   When we tried to remove the single core from the Huawei switch then both the switch interface down We...

jigojar by Level 1
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I have no idea why I cannot get DHCP to work?? can I get some help? would be greatly appreciated. heres the link: ENABLE PASS IS CIASS   https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EdBuLulDbR57cOYlvIcmM2qZfKZUFDJh/view?usp=sharing

I am troubleshooting an issue on a pair of Nexus and having hard time finding good doc on the meaning of asterisks , + symbol, etc. mean in show mac address-table. See below.    VLAN     MAC Address      Type      age     Secure NTFY   Ports/SWID.SSI...