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 up vote 0 down vote favorite This is newbie question and hope I have it in right forum but Have researched this on the internet most of the day without any luck. trying to make sure not missing something obvious. Most scenarios explaining vlans are ...

plana156 by Level 1
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 Hi, Please see picture attached. both R1 and R2 are in one AS of ISP, and both R3 and R4 are in one AS of company. R1 sends out routes with shorter AS as primary path, and R2 sends routes with longer AS as backup. In the company side, routes need to...

wfqk by Level 5
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Hello Everyone        Maybe this is another stupid question that you have found before, but I need really help from you.I am goin to repace the router 1841 (advance enterprise IOS version 12.4) 4321 with Cisco ISR 1921 (Universal IOS version 15.4). T...

Hi, my configuration is like this: I have two ISPs: Primary and backup. What I want to do: I'm receving default routes  from both ISPs. This is working fine on Cisco 3560.I have made a static route on 3560:DMZ_IP_ADD DMZ_SUBNET_MASK 10.100.10...


Hello experts. As i know when OSPF go " neighbor " with others they must have the same subnetmask.But let's consider my diagram.R1---R2R1 int ip add int ip add have the same subnetmask is /24. Why can't they go nei...

tuanjggaa by Level 1
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Good day, I have 2 routers R1 and R2. They are both configured with HSRP under standby group 1. -R1 and R2 has the same priority of 100 -R1 is the active router since it has z higher IP adddess of While R2 is the standby with an IP of 10...

Hi Experts !I have some questions about EIGRP SIA process !My diagram :Lo0 |--R1----R2----R3----R4Link between Lo0 and R1 goes down. So the next step is R1 will queries to R2 and then R2 to R3 then R3 to R4. The problem is R3 and R4 links goes down/ ...

tuanjggaa by Level 1
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Hi I have question. Every one has experience to have meeting online via Skype, or Webex etc. These kind of application is very convenient for us to communicate or send some video to many site. We also can configure multicast at layer 3 to do this kin...

wfqk by Level 5
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hello guys,i know this question is obvious for some of you and also i know that there are a lot out there who will find the answer enlightening. So,i will take Cisco IOS Release 12.2(35)SE as an example.my question is:SE stands for standard edition12...

abdel1967 by Level 1
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The user will send from CPE double tagged frame with outer VLAN i.e S-VLAN for example 200 to ME 3400 switch.ME3400 switch is required to swap this S-VLAN 200 with VLAN 300 keeping the C-VLANs under the S-vlan intact.  Does ME 3400 have any such feat...