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Resolved! Blocking MAC-Address on Cisco Router

Can anyone tell me how to block a particular mac-address on cisco router 2900 series? There are few pc's in the network which i dont want to get them into the network anyhow. Can anyone help me out with this?Regards,Abhishek

ASR 1002 upgrade to support 10G modules

hi folks . right now i have ASR 1002 IT HAS 2 modules one with 4 ports and one with 8 ports  but i need to have like 3-4 ports of 10G i just need advices which parts are close to my chasis and will be supporting my routing to handle 10G for each po...

Dr.X by Explorer
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SGE2010P Login Issues

I have reset my SGE2010P to factory default to the IP is with user Admin and Password Admin which works ok When I get to the first page after login it is mainly black page as attached screen shot How can I get this working normally

grahame by Beginner
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Problem With Switch Catalyst 2960-S

Hello We have a problem using this switch: As soon as we plug power cable of switch, the front switch's LED is tuned on and LED remains orange and nothing happens after that. would you please help me? sincerely yours, Hamid

seyedh5 by Beginner
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Resolved! 2960X Stack Fails After reload Command

Did not find anything in Bug Tool or these forums for this so posting as a new question.Environment is multiple stacks of  2960X -48FPD-L switches in different IDF's running IOS 15.0(2)EX5.   They were installed new and configured by another party ab...

jcp408ADP by Beginner
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Cisco 2960 errors on ethernet port

Hi everyone, Can anyone explain to me what this error means, its a port gig 1/0/1 on a 2960 switch with a cisco IP phone connected to that port. Transmit GigabitEthernet1/0/1 Receive687849087 Bytes 188908754 Bytes 2005532 Unicast frames 1299490 U...

Resolved! Old 6506-E (2009) Compatible with C6800-32P10G?

Hi  My client has a 6506-E which purchased in 2009.  They plan to install a 10G module (C6800-32P10G) in the 6506-E chassis. I know the new 6506-E chassis is compatible with C6800-32P10G.  I'm not sure if this old 6506-E (purchased in 2009) is also...

OSPF and HSRP on Nexus 9372 with VPC

I have got the above setup with two 9372 and a couple of SVI's on both configured on both with OSPF and HSRP. The primary SVI interface are set to OSPF cost of 40 by default. So I set up the secondary SVI interfaces to cost 50. All SVI's OSPF are on ...

utawakevou by Enthusiast
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Nexus 9k have Netflow Support?

We have a cisco Nexus9000 C93120TX running  NXOS: version 7.0(3)I1(2) and I haven't been able to find documentation saying this device supports Netflow. Does it not? We wanted to set this up for monitoring on SolarWinds. I could only find a document...

Cisco pipe operator FORMAT

I'm trying to find out what the show pipe operator FORMAT does.  There is little to no documentation on this option -- I just can't find any good examples of its use.  I would like to format the output of "show platform cpu packet buffered" into a wi...

pdub206 by Beginner
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I have a new switch stack with two 3750X switches and I am getting the following error log. What does it mean?000224: *Mar  1 10:56:41.165 JST: %PLATFORM_STACKPOWER-6-CABLE_EVENT: Switch 2 stack power cable 1 inserted000225: *Mar  1 10:57:05.366 JST:...

avilt by Participant
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Summary advertising ? VTP

Hello guys, I have a question regarding VTP. In curriculum there is written Summary Advertisement is sent every 300 seconds and every time a VLAN database change occurs. Question - When change occurs only on one VLAN - summary advert with only ONE S...