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ASR 920 ISO XE command help

Hi There, I am not sure If I have chosen the correct forum, Appreciate if someone can suggest the correct forum name If this is not the correct one. Here is the summary on the help I need. I have an ASR 920 IOS XE router , now I have not configured a...

%PCMCIAFS-5-DFS_CLOSE_ERR: Error during close of the file NVRAM.

When I save configuration every time, I see these log: 000169: Apr  5 09:22:34.351: %PCMCIAFS-5-DFS_CLOSE_ERR: Error during close of the file NVRAM.73. Failed to update the FAT sectors. 000170: Apr  5 09:22:34.351: %PCMCIAFS-5-DFS_CLOSE_ERR: Error du...

3850 BIST failed. Abort init....

Getting this error on boot up. tried restarting, figured out if we hold button in until all lights flash orange, we get to the switch: prompt, not the switch# prompt. This also gives us some commands, but still sort stuck. Anyone see this?

D. STM by Beginner
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Resolved! VRF Support

I have the following switches, how do I know if they support VRF? Don't need MPLS. Do I simply look for VRF-Lite?  Tried Cisco feature navigator, some does not show up WS-C3508G-XL-EN - c3500xl-c3h2s-mz.120-5.WC13.bin WS-C3560-24PS-S - c3560-advipse...

rhap4boyz by Beginner
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Resolved! Nat Rule in ASA 5505

I have been trying to solve this on another discussion, but have not received further response. I am setting up virtual servers through stacked HP 2920 switches. These servers are on VLANs configured on the switch. During the other discussion, I adde...

Cisco router 2911 is freezing at Embedded-Service-Engine0/0, changed state to down can anyone please help me .

Cisco CISCO2911/K9 (revision 1.0) with 2506752K/114688K bytes of memory.Processor board ID FJC2012A2A93 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces65 terminal linesDRAM configuration is 64 bits wide with parity enabled.255K bytes of non-volatile configuration memory...

Network duplicate MACs for voice

Hi We have a network with Avaya Telephony. The question is more regarding the network aspect. We have 3 phone servers in 3 locations. When phones register with on of the servers they are dropping packets and calls drop etc.  I have done a packet cap...

Mokhalil82 by Enthusiast
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using SVI with Layer3 Port

I have an older switch which does not support Layer3 Ports (routed port).  can I connect this switch using an SVI with another switch where the interface is configured as a routed port ?