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So here's the problem. I was notified that there are packet drops, so I originally started investigating on the interface error counters - nothing. I also checked the switching fabric - nothing. That's why I decided to investigate deeper.  The setup ...

Hi all..I am trying to figure out what I need to do to tunes hsrp together with spanning-tree on my two distro switches..I have two distro switches that have uplinks to each of the two cores from each.. My L2/L3 decarmation is in the distro. I have L...

jenseike by Beginner
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Hi all, Huawei switches have a simple option to generate many VLANs (especially useful for when you want to trunk VLANs through the switch). All you do is enter "vlan batch 2 - 4000" and VLANs 2 through 4000 will be created. Does Cisco have a version...

schmitgreg by Beginner
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Resolved! VSS 6509

Hi all, I have 6509 stand alone, and I will add a second 6509 and configure vss, when I connect both devices and create the virtual switch can I loose the configuration of the 6509 that I have in production? Thanks. 1614

Hi, We have a requirement to perform some https load balancing on 6509. Can Cisco 6509 perform IOS LB for https ? or does it need any special module. Please note , we do not have any ACE module installed in switch. Regards,

Hi Experts , Which switch model will support the IP SLA track feature ? I tried in IPlite and LAN base images of 2960x and 2960XR model . I can see only the IP SLA responder feature here. Are these feature sets wont support IP SLA? Thanks, Tamil.

Selva by Beginner
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Hi Cisco Community, I am doing a setup to provide high-availability for a pair of stacked C3750X-24S switch and C3750X-48T. The C3750X-24S pair, we can refer to it as Switch 1 & Switch 2. The C3750X-24S pair, we can refer to it as Switch 3 & 4. The s...

Hello Team, We have one cisco 3750 switch which is facing issue of High cpu utilization from last few days. Need your support to find out the root cause of this abnormality & resolution. As a part of troubleshooting I found below information, but no...

s_bachche by Beginner
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Dear all, I seem to be unable to get the following working. Central ASA with 2 local networks ( and 5.0) and 3 remote networks (,, connected via an ipSEC VPN which is all working fine. I want to deploy OS...