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Cisco 4510 not routing

I have a Cisco 4510 configured as attached. I have a PC plugged into port gi2/1 with an ip address  The PC is unable to reach the switch via ICMP and vice-versa.  None of the Vlans listed in the config show up when I run a show VLAN ...

rx7heaven by Beginner
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Unable to copy/paste configuration

Recently decided to replace my SGE2000 switch with a Catalyst 3560 PoE. I have never actually configured a switch myself, but I have copy/pasted configuration via terminal without any issue.In this case, I keep getting an error of "% Invalid input de...


I have a switch C4503 -E , I seen an increase in CPU with a monitoring tool , without detect a low performance in network for this cause.I have seen with the command ¨SHOW CPU PROCESSES SORTED¨, an IOSD process It is the one that most increases but n...

jbriones by Beginner
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Resolved! Enable LLDP on Cisco 3750

Need to enable LLDP on a 3750 switch, but command will not take and receive, "invalid input detected". Reason LLDP needs to be turned is for 4 Meraki MR34 access points. MR34 is running in low power mode and Meraki support suggested enabling LLDP (ll...

btedeschi by Beginner
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Resolved! QoS vs CoS in Metro Ethernet environment

Guys,  I've been doing this for a little while, however my conscience is nagging me about a few concepts I feel I should have mastery over in the Metro Ethernet environment.  The crux of the matter is that no matter how many times I read lengthy CoS ...

worldnews7 by Beginner
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Resolved! Get rid of %SEC-6-IPACCESSLOGP

We have taken support ownership of a 6509 and the logs are filled with these msgs. I cannot find any advice on how to get it to stop. it is running 12.2(33)SXJ6. I see no access-list or other config entry that might be generating this. These msgs als...

Resolved! Subnetting confusion

Hello, everybody. I'm a bit confused about subnetting. I learned to subnet following Todd Lammle's book, but now I'm reading Chris Bryant's Mastering Binary Math and Subnetting and it looks like he has a different approach to the number of subnets. F...

cisco 800 router series recomendation

Hi All   We have a remote site that connects back the main site using a gateway to gateway VPN connection, (HQ Cisco 5505) (Remote Site 877 Router) our Mitel phone system is located at our HQ site. At the remote site we have 2 vlans, data and voice ...

jbcom4101 by Beginner
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6500 VSS Problem With Mac Learning

Hello everyone, We have 2 cat 6500 in vss mode with 4 VS-S720-10G MSFC3C as sup engine, these are the access switches to our storages. Here there are 2 models of storage attached to the switches in redundant scheme: emc vnx 5500 and emc vnx 5700. Eac...

kh.farhad by Beginner
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