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I'm trying to setup some static NATs for port 80 and 25 but for some reason it isn't working. When I try to hit my internal webserver from the outside address, it is just timing out. I've also tried various port checkers and they all state that port ...

I am getting this error when configuring a lacp port channel channel-group 1 mode activePort-channel1 and FastEthernet2/15 have different trust statesCommand rejected (Port-channel1, Fa2/15): QoS attribute(s)(trust/cos/vlan-based) of Port-channel1, F...

Dragomir by Level 1
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I am trying to verify the correct syntax to use on Cisco Nexus 2248T FEX connected to Cisco Nexus 5548 with Config Sync. I need to just simply change a VLAN port on a Cisco Nexus 2248T via a Cisco Nexus 5548 see below ; ******-N5k-Primary-1# confi...

whopwood2 by Level 1
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Hi,We have a network communication failure at a industrial site, that uses some tcp and udp communication. To monitor I'm using tcpdump to collect the packets from one port to a mirrored port at the same switch.Looking for the root causes, we've foun...

I had a module line card die on me on Saturday on my 6509 and I had to plug all my access switches that had SVI's routing eigrp in to a 3750 (SW04).  When I do sh ip route  on the 3750 I see the routering tables from all the acess switches. When I do...

Resolved! VLAN Issue

Hi, I have configured my Cisco switch for simple VLAN, if I put Cisco switch VLAN1 IP address on my computer's default gateway then I am not able to ping Cisco switch or router. From switch, I am also not able to ping PC but able to ping router. Is ...

Resolved! MTU newb questions

Hi all, I've begun studying the TCP/IP protocol more in depth recently and found that I'm still lacking a bit in understanding of some aspects of MTU. For example, if I have a Jumbo MTU set to 9000, will it accept all sizes below 9000 without fragmen...

pdub206 by Level 1
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I have a Nexus 56128P that is missing the kickstart file in bootflash so obviously it will not boot.  It is currently sitting at the loader prompt.  I'm aware that you can IP the mgmt0 interface from the loader prompt and I have done so but I'm unabl...

ppalmerjr by Level 1
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Hi, if you're having the scenario in the attached drawing: is it possible to track reachability of an IP address over the prefered interface (interface between cisco switch and the "ISP switch") and if the tracked IP is not reachable anymore shut dow...

Rene S. by Level 1
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Folks, I am attempting to set up some sort of NAT that would allow me to reach a host in the field that has erroneously been set back to its factory default address that has no gateway.  The challenge is that the default address fall in a network th...

Dear all, Please, I need your help urgent. Im trying to configuring REP over  ring wirh 15 switchs stratrix 8300 ios realese 15.0(2). but I do not have REP topology. and Eigrp not do not have neigboor. Under Show rep topoloagy,  i see both port fail...

paulca230 by Level 1
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