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Hi guys, I've new box C6880-X-LE with IOS Version 15.1(2)SY5 with no configuration. I've only assigned IP address to VLAN1 and configured ip default-gateway. I can ping other clients in same subnet but I cant ping other clients in other subnets. I tr...

usskenet by Level 1
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I made a simple Topology in Packet Tracer.  Two Layer-3 Switches and one computer connected to each switch.  Created  Layer-3 ether-channel as mentioned. Switch-1interface FastEthernet0/1 no switchportchannel-group 1 mode onno ip addressduplex autosp...

gohussai by Level 4
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Hello everyone,I have a question about vpc.I wonder why the vpc down log does not occur when the port is down even though there is one vpc port member.I can see the port down log message and the port-channel down log message but no vpc down log messa...

Hi, So I am trying to assign a port on GSB-9-Switch to VLAN 4 (Default VLAN) but I am not able to get it working. The trunking config on the port channel 29 between the switches seems fine to me. Could be the routing. Below is the needed config from ...

Hi allWhen "#show cdp neighbours detail"  command run,appear an IP. This ip other switche's Vlan2  IP, is it normal ?When this command run i should see neighbour's Vlan1 ip, right ? King Regards

Hello, I am just wondering how a switch participating in a single region MST architecture can have a root path cost of zero.The switch itself is an 2960 connected to an SG500-X through a dual 1gbps port channel which is again connected through an 10g...

my title may be confusing because I don't even know what it is called by i will try my best to explain the scenario.  I have Two PCs. Between them may be routers and switches. I want PCA to ping PCB successfully but PCB can't ping PCA. How am I able ...

Having L2 issue hoping to be pointed in the right direction.Have CAT3750 + Aironet 1252.  CAT + Aironet trunked multiple vlans.  One of the vlans is dedicated for Dish Network TV system.The Dish hopper wifi is working fine as it talks directly with A...

It's been a while but I'm missing something in my set-upI have 2 switches.  3750 (which is acting as our router) and a 2960 on another floor.  They are both using the same subnet, I want to separate them via 2 separate vlansvlan10 and vlan 20.  I've ...

astutemed by Level 1
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