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Cisco 887VA

Hello, I have the cisco 887VA but ı can't install the cisco SDM 2.5 can you help us ? The problem : cisco sdm cannot connection established with the router

Nexus 7K dual sup upgrade images

Hi,We are looking to upgrade x2 Nexus in vPC domain with dual sup and looking at Cisco download siteit has different sup images like sup1 and sup2, but my current images are both same on both sups. Cananyone advise if they have to be different as per...

Cisco Network Assistant

I installed and was able to use the Cisco Network Assistant. But when I setup the enable and vty passwords I get a dialog windows stating "Please enter your username and password for realm 'level_15_access' on xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx"what username and passwo...

2620xm Fastethernet Not Working

HiI am having a strange behavior with my 2 x 2620xm routers fastethernet ports.When I connect my laptop (Win7) to the 2620xm fastethernet port directly, I am not been able to get any PING response back from it even tough the port is up/up. The only c...

BPDUFILTER implementation

Hello everybody,I would appreciate your comments to the following scenario:Intending to reduce unnecessary traffic in an access layer redundant topology I would consider implementing the following:Enable portfast globally on a access layer switchEnab...

Swiich requirement comparison

Hello Experts,Good day. I need your advice on our upcoming new office infra design. There are 80 users, 45 users and 120 users need to sit in different storey of the building. So need to decide how many L2 switch and L3 switch for this project.1)Is t...

IP SLA Failover for internal traffic out site-to-site VPN

Hello,I am in the process of researching a way to configure a router for fail over when the internal EIGRP link is down to then route to the firewall out a site-to-site VPN connection via the internet back to our core. I've been focusing on IP SLAs a...

Paul by Beginner
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General QoS and Switching Question

All of the examples I've found for things like LLQ tend to use routed links.  I'm trying to figure out how to deal with things across an L2 trunk.  Specifically, if I have a certain type of traffic that (in cases of trunk congestion) I don't want tak...

Resolved! Can not reach internet from vlan on 3560 switch but can from switch

ISP provided me IP ( and gateway address( connecting to  their router( meto E).I can ping outside the network when logged into the switch  through telnet but not when connected through a pc on the vlan.I can ping the IP ad...

rbrewer02 by Beginner
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PBR question.

Hi Guys, I would like to ask how could I define a PBR if the VLAN is behind ASA? There is no SVI set in 6509. I can't set ip policy route-map command on Gig2/6. 6509:ip access-list extended ACL-ATT-TO-RIVERBED permit ip 10.226.1...