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What is best practice for native vlan? Please let me know if my understanding of the native vlan is correct.  The native vlan exists only on trunk ports and it is the sole untagged vlan traversing that trunk where all other vlans on it would be tagge...

Hi I have two switch both are uplink 10GB at fiber  connection normally my data transfer less 1GB how to check the 10GB  bandwidth support in switch level  command  and tools Not this any other or any toolssh interfaces tenGigabitEthernet 2/0/1 

Hello Guys,Is MacSec already available on the 3850 ? I can't find any configuration guide for it ..Thanks!David                  

dfranjoso by Level 1
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Hi Guys,My understanding of stacking is that you you have up to 8 switches stacked together where there can be treated as one switch but at the same time you can utilize the ports for all of the switches.... is that right ? also is there other benefi...

I have a stack of 3. When they came up, the following occurred: Switch/Stack Mac Address : 28c7.ce3b.e480 - Local Mac AddressMac persistency wait time: Indefinite                                             H/W   CurrentSwitch#   Role    Mac Address ...

Resolved! 6500 vs. Nexus

We have some money to upgrade a 3750 L3 Switch we use as our distribution switch (VLAN routing). We need to move up to 10Gbs access ports to accommodate our VM environment. I know there has been much discussion about 6500 chassis vs. Nexus. It looks ...

Hello support group,I am trying to troubleshoot the follwing error on our Nexs5K and 7K devices. Error on nexus5K:2013 Oct  3 08:38:11.093 CPTORNDIS5B002 %FWM-2-STM_LIMIT_REACHED: Unicast station table dynamic capacity reached (limit 13800) - creatin...