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I have several different models of switches that I need to put a new banner in. I am in the config prompt and type banner motd and then try to copy my banner in to it.  I am only getting about half way. Is the reason why a character limit?  I have qu...

I'm trying to help some wintel guys to do some troubleshooting, and my knowledge on pxe isn't great. In this case, a vm is launched on a host, dual homed to a switch - it has HSRP with another switch with correct helpers on. For the first time of ini...

Hi Every Body, the customer is looking for switch 3850 POE with 3 fans & dual power redundancy, my question is; how many fan existing in the switch by default. in otherhand how much i have to buy fan for each switch.    :) thanks,   

malsaadi2 by Level 1
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Hello Pros, Please I'm having an 861W ISR router that is not working. Problems:* Can't access the IOS via console... followed normal procedure but the console displays nothing* The 'OK'  LED is not stable; it blinks like something on standby.

3LAyer62x by Level 1
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Hello all I am seeing something strange and would be grateful to get some advise on this I have a set like ASR 1001 - X > NEXUS 5548UP > FEX 2248TP-E > Riverbed Steelhead. Config on ASR isinterface TenGigabitEthernet0/0/0.100 encapsulation dot1Q 100 ...

Hi Expert, We currently have two L3 device currently running HSRP and they need to be connected on 3750 with STACKWISE config. So my question is, since I will be connecting the L3 device currently running HSRP to a purely L2 device running STACKWISE ...

Hello Guys,Can someone help me on my cisco 2900 router,i was trying to configure it with ccp and after a reboot to the router i lost the flash on it and now it only sends me to rommon prompt even when i reboot it,it only tells me flash0 not present a...

easamoah1 by Level 1
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Hi,I have the following scenario2 bulidings with multiple floorEach floor should be in different VLAN. The network should be authenticated with 802.1x and each switch port should be assigned with dynamic VLAN from ACS. Each user should be able to con...

Hi!We have ASR1004 with RP2. CPU loads up to 50-60%. And process AAA per-user consumes 25-30% of it.Also we have Cisco 10008. On this hardware AAA per-user consumes less then 1%.Number of subscribers on each node are about the same.How can I troubles...

hi all,i've got an issue with a new cisco 3650 48 port wherein older AP 1231 keeps on disconnecting.the connection is just a simple trunk.#sh run int g1/0/47Building configuration...Current configuration : 62 bytes!interface GigabitEthernet1/0/47 swi...

Hi All,I need to migrate a 3750 switch to a new 3850. I have noticed that the QOS setup is rather different.On the 3750, I have used the auto-qos feature by using the command auto qos voip trust.I have trust dscp on certain ports on my switch. Lookin...

Hi,This is my first time posting a question, so apologies if I missed something.My question is...I noticed a weird setup at my workplace and i'm unsure of how STP will interact. We have about 15 switches spread around the network, and I have noticed ...

Hey folks,  I'm new to cisco and have only recently started study for my ccna. In preperation for this i've gotten my hands on a cisco emi 3550-48 port switch so i can play and test some scenario's. Now, I've setup a couple of vlans (200,201 and 202)...

tquigley11 by Level 1
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