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Secondary IP address with HSRP

We had a power failure and the primary IP address went down moved to the standby router as designed using HSRP. The problem is when a secondary address was added to the VLAN.. there was no HSRP programmed for it. So we have one router doing the prima...

Resolved! Cisco Switch Info

Hi EveryoneI wanted to know is there a site on Cisco that I can go to, to learn about what the letters on switches mean, for example WS-C3750-48TS-S I know is a 3750 but what does the TS-S mean. That is what I want to know and also for other models w...

VRRP issue

Hi,For redundancy I use the command VRRP. I have configured the followingtrack 1 interface FastEthernet4.6 line-protocoltrack 2 ip route reachabilityNow, I want also add a new track. This track need to check if a specific IP is still ...

best wireless for my plant

hi all,i have a plant that we used wireless barcode scanner that move all through out the area, and we have about 8 wireless access point with the same SID.  the wireless were not planned proplery so we have error on the switch (2960s) about flapping...


i have Cisco 1905 /k9 Series ISR router which is not getting powered "ON",  led status showing "black".i have checked with another connection and changed the power cord but same status.how to power on the router. please help ?

QOS - 2960?

Need some help in understanding the following:AutoQoS is running on the 2960 platform, is there a need to remark/reclassify this traffic to match 4 Q's i have configured on the router connected to the switch?To simplfiy my question, Do i need to twee...

Amir Yanny by Beginner
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Cisco 1811

I have enherited a netwrok utilizing a Cisco 2960G switch, Cisco 1811 router with a Pix-506e.  Currently there are two vlans configued on the router and the 2960 switch.  Vlan1 and Vlan 2  The folks that own the network ...

%SW_MATM-4-MACFLAP_NOTIF: Host 000e.0cc4.700d in vlan 1 is flapping between port Gi1/0/2 and port Gi1/0/36

Hi,I am facing the above mention issue flapping between port Gi1/0/2 and port Gi1/0/36 since last month twice a week repeating, after checking in Cisco Switch3750X Logs this error comming ? before a month this issue was not coming suddenly it is comi...

ahmery by Beginner
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%IP-SW1-4-DUPADDR: Duplicate address on GLBP

I have two VSS 6513 switches connected on a port channel.Many Vlans are running GLBP on the two core switches and operational normally.I have only one vlan (600) having the following issue: the second Core switch is reporting the following error each...

eng.bader by Beginner
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Removing / Adding Switches to LAN

If I remove a switch from a production LAN does this cause STP to be recalculated and risk the network being down during STP computations?What If I add a new switch to a production LAN? How does STP handle this?Thanks

GRANT3779 by Frequent Contributor
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