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I don't how to make PC0 Ping PC1 but deny PC1 Pinging PC0 using standard ACL. Any help would be appreciated. The Screenshot is attached below. 

QoS explanation in CIsco 3750 switch

Hello guys, I am trying to understand in 3750 switch how will behave with the below QoS configuration?The below configuration is for input marked traffic that is coming from a device (host) with the appropriate dscp priotiry in to the switch.For queu...

george85 by Beginner
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Nexus Interface SFP

Dear Team. I would seek your kind advise and help to resolve below issue which am facing. Am, configuring 10G SFP connection on Nexus switch (5672UP), the interface shows the status SFP validation failed and interface not getting up. I have changed S...

farispv by Beginner
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Edge switch inquiry

Hello Guys,I have an issue and i need your help if possible.I have 6 cisco Switches 2960 48 port and one 3750 core switch, one of the edge switches damaged i think the motherboard is corrupted.Somehow i need to replace it with SG220-50-K9-EU  .. Is t...

DOT1X and guest vlan not working

I am trying to setup the following.   When a company device plugs in to the network it authenticates using dot1x.   When a none company devices plugs in to the network it gets put on our guest vlan.  I almost have it except the IP address of the syst...

gcook0001 by Beginner
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N5K-5672UP acl order

Hello,I have one N5K-5672UP and a few SVIs with IPv4/IPv6 public IPs, I want to have an ACL and apply that ACL to my UPLINKs and deny internet traffic towards SVIs, my question is when i do this then ACL is working before CoPP? my mean is how does pa...

Connect two switches with one cable per vlan

I have two mobile server racks, each with a Cisco sg250. The switches have identical setups, with each port mapped to one of three vlans. The vlans are fully independent (I would have done three separate unmanaged switches instead if there was enough...

adamfon by Beginner
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Resolved! My PCs on North can't ping Switch on EAST & WEST

Create the following network in Packet Tracer version 8:2 - Switches(2960), connected together using Ethernet Cables via port G0/2Label as S_East and S_West4 - Computers using DHCP, 2 attached to each switchOn S_East label the Computers PC_East 1 and...

OpenDoors by Beginner
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Resolved! Catalyst 2960-L Web UI missing header information

Hello,The http server web interface header is missing information that would be nice to have.The switch was like this during first log in.I did update the IOS/Web UI to Release 15.2.7E3 but same results.Here's a screenshot.

Mike- by Beginner
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Resolved! Two VTP Servers

Hopefully, I do not confuse anyone...We have two locations, OLD Location has a 3750 Switch as the core and is a VTP Server, this core network has a few VLANs to it.We have a new location that will eventually become the core of the entire network, thi...

rob1456657 by Beginner
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