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Resolved! 4500-E HSRP IPV6

                   Hello, I have a DMZ where we currently have IPV4 and HSRP for vlan redundancy. We are looking to duel stack with IPV4 and IPV6. Where can I find duel stack configuration examples using interlan routing with IPV6. My current platfor...

ce-500 can't get ip address from dhcp

I followed the steps in the cisco docs.  I have to remove the config but can't access the gui as I do not know the ip address of the switch.  This is what I tried:I disconnected and reconnected the powercable while holding on to the setup button unti...

sam saeed by Beginner
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File and Print Sharing Through Firewall

Hi All,I have a network with multiple VLANs, all being firewalled on an ASA 5520. I want to be able to share drives and printers between subnets, yet even when I place a permit ip any any rule in both firewall policies, it doesnt work. It works fine ...

NES IT by Beginner
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Resolved! network topology + basic questions to answer

good day guys,I need your hints to create a correct network topology.what I have ? three cisco devices:1. router 877W (with POTS internet access)2. switch SG-5003. Access Point Aironet 2602iwhat I expect:a) to have 4 VLANs on my switch (home, monitor...

andbor600 by Beginner
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Catalyst 3750 Gbic ports

I have a quick and maybe silly question. I have a three 3750 switches. They are currently uplinked via gbics. Two of the switches have four spf ports for gbics. Are these port to be used exclusively as up links or can other devices use the ports such...

ibarrios by Beginner
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Resolved! Bent stack cable

Cisco StackWise 50CM Stacking CableHiIs there a stacking cable that is "bent"?Im using this cable:"CAB-STACK-50CM", "Cisco StackWise 50CM Stacking Cable".But it takes up to much room in the back of the switch, is there such a thing as "bent" stacking...

Resolved! 3500XL vlan trunking

Recently, we expanded our one office suite into four suites, and installed a 3548-XL-EN switch into each suite.We vlan'd each switch so that ports 1-16 are vlan2, 17-32 are vlan3, and 33-48 are vlan4, and vlan1 (default) still exists.Each of the four...

weldingkat by Beginner
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RSPAN complicated

Good day!I'am using this configuration:IP phone-----3560-------3750_kernel-------3750-1/2(stack)---->RSPAN destination port                                                   ^                                                   |                       ...

fewlcisco by Beginner
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Resolved! MLS QOS in IOS XE 3.3

HI,I want to replace an old 6500 by new 4500.I have some qos parameters (mls qos and soon on) taht i want to set ine new 4500.But with my ios image (entreprise services 3.3) , i cannot enter MLS QOS ? Is this command depreciated ine IOs XE ? Which is...

obacati21 by Beginner
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Resolved! N2K-C2232TM-10GE

Dear all,I am looking for 10 GE copper 24 ports switch. After any time I come N2K-C2232TM-10GE. However, this switch is fabric extender and it is used with Nexus 5K series switches.My question isCan I use this Nexus 2K standalone as other L2 swithes?...

aotholland by Beginner
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vlan routing without setting interface ip?

Hello!We got a layer3 switched network, with one vlan for every switch, routed by a cat4006. Like that:Switch1: vlan 101, vlan 102, vlan 103, can we put some ports on different switche...