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Hi,I have a query regarding multicast in Nexus 5K.I have two Nexus 5596 switches connected to each other and have multiple VLANs configured on both switchessay VLAN 10,20,30 & 40I need to run IGMP snooping which is by default enabled...Nexus 5596 is ...

                   Hi,I was configured ether channel between two cisco 2960s series switches.It is working properly.i was replaced two cables in etherchannel.Now one link working remining link is down(both cables are working cables only).please find ...

                   I am facing port speed issue on WS-C2960G-48TC-L series switch.This switch gig0/X ports connected to onother switches (Cisco and HP both switches are also gigbit ports and directly connected ).but interface is giving only 100mb/s o...

Just something I've noticed happen randomly, though II havce no idea how or why, butusually wen you do sh run it tops after a screen and you hit eithe rspace or enter to move to the next bit of output, yet once in a 1000 times the router decides to j...

ValleyITPC by Beginner
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I am attempting to block all FTP traffic on port 21 from the servers in my network, and only allow FTP from one server to go out.I have created the following ACLaccess-list 101 Permit ip any any access-list 101 Permit 21 anyaccess-lis...

Hey folks. I have been put in charge of getting a failover cluster up and runing for SQL AlwaysOn. My equipment is a Cisco SF300-24 and a Cisco 2024 smartswitch. Now I am really new at this since my CCNA class has not yet started but I am trying to g...

jimtully03 by Beginner
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Hi, Is it possible to have an asa pair in active/standby mode where the WAN ip addesses are on different subnets?I had always thought they needed to be on the same lan for it to work. Thanks

lkadlik by Beginner
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I have a stack of 6 switches: 5 WS-c3750-48ts and 1 ws-c3750g-24ts which is is the master. The master failed and we have a replacement ready.  The stack has 12.2(25)SEA image. The replacement has 12.2(50)SE5 image on it. I would like to update the IO...

Hi, Is it possible to rate limit on a L2 trunk port on a 3750?current port config and ios are as follows;interface GigabitEthernet1/0/50 description ***  Connection to Fiber Link  *** switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q switchport trunk allowed vlan...

lkadlik by Beginner
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Hello,From what I have read the 4500E series has a shared buffer for the line cards that are installed in the chassis.  Does anyone know what that buffer size is?  I want to use this switch for esx hosts and iscsi traffic, and buffer size is an impor...

We have a few of these routers that we use to connect our offices to the internet.They also provide VTI based VPN tunnels back to our main office.At any given office we have between 25 - 100 people behind this router (we have SGE2010's as well, for e...