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I would like suggestions from anyone with upgrade experience with the 6509E on what IOS versionto use. This is a new install, so I want the most current version that supports SSH and works withdual supervisors. Thanks for your suggestions.Here is som...

Our 871 no longer allows us to make changes to it.   I was told the contract ran out, so I renewed it and Cisco support then added the contract to my serial number.   What now?   Is there a step required to have the router check in with Cisco so that...

HelloI was testing the influence of reloading one Nexus 7k (secondary-vpc) to the stability of the network and I found that from time to time, Nexus brings up the physical interface before it brings up the whole VPC port-channel.As a result the traff...

Resolved! DHCP Relay agent

Hi,I have a 2921 with 4 segments:Let's say: Gi0/1 ( Gi0/2 ( Gi0/3  ( Gi0/4 ( DHCP server is and I need to serve clients from

Resolved! VACL & VMware

Hi, I would like to implement VLAN ACL on a layer 3 switch for filtering traffic between servers in the same VLAN. I have a doubt: I have several virtual server in this VLAN and I wonder if the VMware virtual switch will allow the virtual servers to ...

Hi All,I am facing a challenge with SPAN whenever i change speed to 1000mbps on my  destination port , my interface status goes to down/down on my destination port (g1/0/23) but if i set it to 100mbps it works fine.i need to fix 1000 mbps, what do i ...

kenkisare by Level 1
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It was my contention that, according to Cisco data sheets, the Nexus 7018 can deliver 768 10G ports at wire rate (non-blocking - no oversubscription), when deployed with 16 F2 48-port 10G line cards and 5 Fabric 2 modules.Someone answered me by sayin...

visitor68 by Level 4
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Hello,I work for a company that provides WAN connection to very large well known companies. I have always wondered what the difference is between an AIS alarm and a Remote alarm. The ones that I am speaking of are lised in the output when the followi...

Hi all,I have a sorta silly question here. I just got a 3750 and all of the ports say they're part of FastEthernet3. So to check port 48, I would type:sh int fa3/0/48I was expecting to have it be FastEthernet0.I figure this is because of the Stacking...

tabiv by Level 1
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