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Dear All,In our network we are using  cisco switch model WS-C2960G-24TC-L. One of the port on switch is unable to  receive request.Before X Server on this port was running  fine . We came to known when other port of X server went down and this port c...

I am about rip and replace my current 3750G stack with a 3750X stack. I have trunked over vlan and vtp info and implemented a config so it should be ready to go other then moving cables onto it. However one thing I want to correct with our current se...

i have a Ws-C3550-24-Emi switch and i need to upgrade its flash memory to 32Mb. I couldn't find any documents in cisco website about the memory upgrade guideline. Does anyone know if i can upgrade this switch to 32Mb? If so, what's the max of memory ...

wonderpug by Level 1
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Resolved! Disappearing ACL

I have a 2911 router where I was configuring the device t allow remote desktops connections. Everything is working properly, but for some reason my ACL has disappeared. Has anyone ever experienced this before!?!?!

browe-tfx by Level 1
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Resolved! Route map

Hi,i am reading Route-map and get struck in the middle by the below doubts.Please someone help me with the answers.1)My first question is like access-list implicit deny at last,does Route-map also have an implicit deny?2)This is my second question,I ...

sathyasav by Level 1
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Hi All,I saw a config on a router that looked something like below.  My question is what function does the "no login" command have?line vty 0 4  password C1cs0  no loginThank You - Joe

Hi expert,I am facing an isssues with 7609 for LAN switching , based on  LAN (VRRP/HSRP) feature.Actually  we are having ES+ cards (on 7609) and we are using multiple groups(say  350 vrrp groups) running on the router . the routers are connected as r...

Can someone help on how to block internet for number of hours?Ex. From 8am to 12 pm the staff can't access internetDo i need application to block internet? Or it can be done via server?ThanksSent from Cisco Technical Support iPhone App

Resolved! block site

Can you help on how to block social site for a number of hours ex. From 8 to 12 and 1 to 6ThanksCrisSent from Cisco Technical Support iPhone App

I need help please who could would help me i'll apreciate:the problem shows an error in a switch catalyst 2900XL - its a 2924 -, i was copying the image of the ios via xmodem and before finished the the power energy in the facility shuts down,  when ...

To enable netflow export on ASR1001, do i need the firewall feaure license or not ?Docs are not really clear, NBAR requires FW license, but i am unsure about Netflowregards,Geert

gnijs by Level 4
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