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I found a corrupt IOS, The switch is not booting properly. When i try to upgrade using XMODEM appears the following error:switch:switch:switch: copy xmodem: flash:c2960-lanbase-mz.122-35.SE5.binBegin the Xmodem or Xmodem-1K transfer now...CCCCCCCCCC ...

Hi,I created a mac based acl and applied to ports of  catalysts 3750 but any one not in this ACL below is also working and can get network accessAny idea what the issue is?Extended MAC access list Test    permit 001b.4f6f.0000 0000.0000.ffff any    p...

I have configured an etherchannel between a stack of 2 x3750's and a 6513the channels go up and down.Sometimes it is up and sometimes, one of the interfaces goes down.Anybody have an idea why this is not stable?Here is the log:3750stack#sh log *Mar  ...

tanzeus129 by Level 1
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HiI've a C3750 config in stack, I guess I reach the maximum number of STP active process since going up to 1999 the switch become crazy and not working.Where can I find the limit on the cisco web site ?Does anybody have the same problem ?Tks---------...

I would like to throttle the bandwidth on my guest wireless vlan.  We use a 6509 at the head end and was wondering if anyone had experience doing this?  I've read some posting saying that using MLS statements is the way to go?  Thanks

lukeprimm by Level 1
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I have a problem I have two interface vlan 1 and vlan interface 2 lan 1 intended as an interface vlan can not ping and connect to interface vlan 2 and another to interface Vlan1  ip address  ip nat inside  ip virtual-reassemb...

pcfreak49 by Level 1
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HiI don' have any idea what the following means*Apr 27 14:52:21.991 GMT: SP: PREDNLD: LC doesn't meet resource requirement for pre-download, not reserving memory for slot 2I haven't find any useful information on googleany guy help me?*Apr 27 06:49:4...

Hi all,I have question regarding shut down port function which is not connected with port-security. Lets say I have 3 FastEthernet ports in same vlan. Is it possible, that in case one of this port will go down (because NIC on the other side go down) ...

Jan Rolny by Level 3
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Hi all, I'm fairly new to all this so please go easy! I have a 2940 switch which had the wrong VLAN on it (the equipment we had running through it hadn't been used for a while & no one noticed it wasn't working until now). I found the switch port was...

Hi - I have installed a 3560 switch and trunked it to core switches via 10g uplinks. Prior to that I deleted the vlan.dat and configured the switch for respective vlans non of witch are connected yet.  My question is at what point in an MST config do...

SpongeRob by Level 1
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I am seeing that there are many options for spanning tree type, is that correct?RSTP Link and Edge TypesLink-Type point-to-point: Links between switchesEdge-Type point-to-point: Link between switch/end userLink-Type Shared: Link between switch and a ...

network770 by Level 1
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