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Hello;I am looking to define a PBR to a number of different gateways based on first the verify availability and then based on source IP address match.I currently have PBR setup to change the default gateway based on the source IP Address defined in a...

I have a new 811G with a Sierra Wireless CMDA card (Verizon). After setting it up I can telnet into the router and ping both WAN sites and LAN connections but I cannot ping anything on the WAN side from the LAN side. I assume it's a simple configurat...

020111cla by Beginner
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Hi Guys,I have a campus network (mix of 6513s and 2960/3750s) running with MST. In this setup, is there any CLI avbl to identfiy spanning tree config mismatch ?Any hint/suggestion would be of great help.Thanks,Sabut

Hi All    I have catalyst 4506 switch with WS-X4013 (Catalyst 4500 Supervisor IIPlus (IOS), 2GE,Console(RJ-45)) sup engine.i want to configure OSPF on the switch.I searched cisco for IP service image,but didn't find the image.Is this sup engine will ...

anvar by Beginner
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Hi everyone, For Part #  SPA-5X1GE= Under the Platform option, the configuration is asking to select one of the below. Can you please advise and let me know which item I should select and reason for selecting the item please? ( 1 )6500-SPAUSD 0.00SPA...

rahman001 by Beginner
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Hello,I observe a strange behaviour with Netflow on Catalyst 6500 with SUP720-3B running version 12.2(33)SXH2a :Setup :Two different Cat6K linked by a trunkA VRF is configured on each Cat6K and connected to a common VLAN (VLAN 310)VRF-A in Switch-A i...

I have what is probably a very simple question, I just want to make sure this is going to work they way I think it is.  I have a 6509 with dual MSFC2s doing intervlan routing. I want to remove one of my routing interfaces from the MSFC and let our fi...

STP is said to have a limit of 7 switches daisy chained together. Attached is a diagram of a network that has a fiber loop, does this meet the condition? Could you add one or two more switches in the fiber loop and still be inside the limitation?

smitty6504 by Beginner
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We've seen this error a few times now on a 6500, SUP1A with different FastEthernet and GigE cards, and have replaced 3 different cards, in 3 different slots.(As per the online documentation).At this point we don't think the issue is card related (con...

arapoport by Beginner
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