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i found this statement in a file but did not explain it any further.These neighbour/peer relationships only occur over primary interface addresses NOT via any secondary addresses that may be configured!does that include subinterfaces? only the primar...

rizzast by Beginner
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I've just upgraded the supervisor engine in my old 4006s (from Sup-II to Sup-II+) and all is well.  This has also brought a migration from CatOS to IOS.  Previously (under Sup-II and CatOS) I was able to record to syslog each individual port connecti...

Dave Ewart by Beginner
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Resolved! C3750x Trunking

I have 2 C3750x switches in a stack. G1/0/48 is an uplink to core switch1 and g2/0/48 is an uplink to core switch 2. Both ports are trunking all vlans. However, when I do a show inter g1/0/48 and comapre it to show inter g2/0/48, switch 2 in the stac...

i'm hoping that i haven't screwed up but here goes.  i replaced an HP L2 switch with a L3 3650 as a core switch.  when i installed the SW i didn't enable routing in an effort to not disturb too much.  but now i would like to move some routing lines f...

garyrivers by Beginner
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Dear Experts,I am an absolute newbie in cisco networking land. I was assinged a task to quickly deploy new 2900 router and 5500 ASA firewall for our small network.  Although I read through dozens of technical manuals, still feeling not confident enou...

Hey guys,So I just fired up a used 2821 for the first time and broke into it and by accident, instead of typing in "confreg 0x2142", I fat fingered it and typed in "confreg 0x21421" and reset the router. Now I fire it up and it's just all garbled wit...

JakeMIGSMN by Beginner
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Hi all, I hope I'm posting to the right place, sorry if I should have used IP Telephony!My question is this:Our LAN consists of a Cisco 3560G L3 and 7 x Cisco 2960 L2. These provide a gigabit backbone. Off of these switches hang DLink unmanged switch...

I have two questions reguarding the 3750x series switches.1. Does the 3750x come with the stacking cable(s) or is that a seperate purchase?2. Can you stack a POE and a non-POE version together? (same IP base of course)Thanks,Nathan

njohnson by Beginner
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Hello everyone! I recently purchased a few equipment for my CCNA /CCNP lab. I also purchased Cisco 2509 Access Server to connect  all other cisco devices. I have followed the procedure to set up my access server and all can connect  apart from two of...

Good morning all ,we have a virtual switching system comprising of 2 x 6506 switches, one of them has  WS-X6704-10GE card , the other has WS-X6708-10G-3C card, we want to do an etherchannel to a device , is it possible to create lacp etherchannel wit...