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Hi my friends;  I have question regarding throughput , let's say for example if I have 20M link, it doesn't mean that i can download 1 GBit file in 50sec, The throughput equation I've found is “Max TCP throughput = RCV buffer size / RTT =? bps “ ·  ...

mkamar by Beginner
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We have a 6500 with two symptoms. Don't know if these are related1. sup-bootdisk: lists as empty but space is consumed.Directory of sup-bootdisk:/ No files in directory 512024576 bytes total (429498368 bytes free)show file systems snippet*  512024576...

sokarlsson by Beginner
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We have a problem for a router with 3G HWIC. When the GSM network is down, the router hang after 40 min.We could not access the router and we  have to power off and on the router to work again.Is it solved in some IOS release, or it is a configuratio...

In the ISR gen 2 routers the activation license is held in a secure area of NVRAM. How secure is this? In particyular is it safe from accidental erasure during such tasks as erasing configs or deleteing other files, for example accidentally entering ...

ive got a pair of routers with an OSPF and PIM adjacency between them and two workstations on either side.  I'm trying to push multicast video across them using vlc as a source on one workstation and a reciever on the other.  I cannot use anything ot...

Hi,I am trying to configure service-policy output LLQ on WS-X6724-SFP module and getting error message as below:(config)#int gi 8/1(config-if)#service-policy output LLQpriority command is not supported in output direction for this interfaceConfigurat...

I need to bridge 2 vlans together temporarily on a 2960 switch and am not sure how to do this or if it is possible.  Here is my situation.I have an access point (Non Cisco) that I need to migrate users to a new SSID.  Unfortunately the AP does not su...

NPT_2 by Explorer
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Hello,The config guide* for the 3560 states:"You can apply an output ACL to RSPAN traffic to selectively filter or monitor specific packets. Specify these ACLs on the RSPAN VLAN in the RSPAN source switches."Unless I'm misreading it, this should mean...