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Hello,I have two identical links with Q-in-Q support on 3750X. I want to create path redundancy if one of the links breaks. Link 1 should always have priority for VLAN50 and should only go through link 1, never link 2. The two links should pass VLANs...

sebastien3 by Enthusiast
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Hi I have 2 Nexus 5672 running in vpc.  I'm running Eth1/5 on both i port-channel towards an 7004 (port eth3/1 and 3/2 in port-channel). On one of the 5k's eth1/5 port i see rx pause increase a lot.  None of the other physcal interfaces increases the...

Hello,I'm trying to enable SPAN over a 100G port for packet inspection but i can't get it to send traffic.On the N9K everything seems to be working, but on the other side i doesn't get any traffic.I enabled the SPAN with these commands :monitor sessi...

SG300 QoS: I understand most things but I'm missing something!I'm trying to set up a simple QoS in ONE switch that does this:- All data of interest comes in one port and out one port.  There is other data mixed in with the input.I'm trying to first u...

Hello! I'm a college student and while doing my project I can't ping any device under the R-PROD_GDL block. (i.e. use Server-Inv to ping PC31), everytime I try to do so I get the host unreachable error. I can however ping devices within the Oficinas ...

HyperA by Beginner
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