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We are setting up a new network, and currently it has 4 6509s in two separate location, SiteA-BoxA, SiteA-BoxB, SiteB-BoxA, and SiteB-BoxB. There are fiber connections between the Box A's and between the Box B's. Is there a way to set up Etherchann...

Which Catalyst series is best for High Performance Computing with about 24 nodes? I would prefer the one with lowest latency

jayabrata by Level 1
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Can anybody tell me the MTBF for a 4912 Switch. I am trying to justify replacements for these old switches that have been installed since 1999.Thanks In Advance

jpannorfi by Level 1
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Hello all, I have a general question about the best practice of VLAN implementation. We are in the process of redesigning our network and are unsure about the best way to segment the VLAN's, we have three server VLANS that need to talk to all the vla...

Hi everybody!As the title says, I have a problem with a 2960. When I arrived this morning to the office it was at 99% cpu utilization, permanently. I've issued a show process cpu sorted to localize the problematic process and I've found it is HTTP CP...

laloperez by Level 1
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Hi all, I have had to manage another none cisco switch today, I came across an option where you have to put the port in the vlan, and then make sure its vlan id is the same, firstly what is the vlan id used for?? also there was a command saying defau...

Hello I have a problem.c4006s#sh loggSyslog logging: enabled (0 messages dropped, 22 messages rate-limited, 0 flushes, 0 overruns) Console logging: level debugging, 1031 messages logged Monitor logging: level debugging, 0 messages logged Buf...

Hi all, I is it possible in the UK to bond multiple adsl lines to a 34mbps pipe, but make this point to point so its 34mbps either end? I know with ip stream you have a central connection what is 34mbps and multiple connections from this ie 2mbps ads...

Can anyone tell me if I can run the Cisco SDM interface off any switch platform especially a 6500 style running Hybrid mode (MSFC) and or in native mode. I think this tool is very helpful and informative especially on a high end switch platform.....T...

pciaccio by Level 4
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Hello,I am trying to get connected from an ATM machine which has an RJ45 port to a switch. I cannot run a CAT cable between these two, the only line i have between them is a telephone line. Any suggestions on how i can get these two connected through...

Hi all, is there anything which would affect the performance of my switch, users are complaining about slowness, the duplex,speed is all set fine. there are alot of recieve discards, any ideas ?

I received a couple 7206 VXR routers with the NPE-G2 engine and they came with 12.4(4)XD7 IOS, IP Base. I need to download the crypto version for SSH.I notice on CCO that for the NPE-G2 engine these are the available IOS versions:12.4.11T2 (LD)12.4....

jkeeffe by Level 2
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Hi!I'm connecting a 3560 switch to a CPE (from Alvarion). When the CPE is set to autonegotiate all the posible transmisions modes and speed, the port of the switch starts blinking green-ambar. If I force the CPE to 10 Mbps and Half, the port stops bl...

jumaca303 by Level 1
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