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one fastethernet link down in channel-group

Hi, everyone.I have a problem when I configure two 3550-emi switch. On both 3550 switch, I have configured FEC link on fastethernet port 0/3 and 0/4. But only link is up at the same time. The log say: %EC-5-L3DONTBNDL2: Fa0/4 suspended: incompatible ...

hetao by Beginner
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Problem with Cisco 3500XL switches for multicast

I'm troubleshooting a network consists of 4506, 3500XL and 2950 switches. 4506 is the core switch. Only one single vlan in the whole network. Everything is fine until we try to use Ghost in multicast mode to build some Windows PCs. At the bengining, ...

ming by Beginner
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Tagging/Untagging question...

Why on Cisco equipment (3550, 2950, etc) is there no tagging commands? Whereas at my new position we work with Cisco and Procurves and tagging is everywhere on Procurves. Any explanation, however small, would be greatly appreciated.

2 ways to configure layer 3

Using a 6500 /w Sup720's Native IOS.you can configure a switch 2 ways.A. interface vlan 10 ip add x.x.x.x y.y.y.y int g1/1 switchport access vlan 10or B. int g1/1 no switchport ip add x.x.x.x y.y.y.ySo, Which one is best. or perfered. bot...

Deleting VLAN's

Hi everyone, 6500 series core connecting multiple 3500 and 3550 series L2 switches. a non-cisco tech needed 25 vlans created on the core switch and typed "int vlan 1 - 250" instead creating 250 vlans. due to VTP, all the switches received 250 vlans. ...

Basic IP connectivity question

I just want to know that if a Layer 3 VLAN interface on the 4506 switch is created with an IP address that is in the same segment to a server, but the server is connected to a Cisco switch with no VLAN's (except the default VLAN) , then will there be...

trunk or not trunk

Suppose switch-B is connected to a port (say, 1/2) of switch-A where vlans are configured. If I want to make all ports on switch-B access to, say, vlan2, can I just configure the port 1/2 on switch-A like this:Interface GigabitEthernet1/2switchport a...

treeleafs by Beginner
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Hi - I have a router configured with ATM IMA & 3 X ATM 2Mbps circuits which never reaches it's max 6Mbps bandwidth. I fully understand about IMA & ATM overhead and that I should not reach 6Mbps however I am only reaching 4.6Mbps. The router does have...

NM-1E or NM-1FE module on a 2620

I have a 2620 non XM (I am upgrading it to the max memory and was hoping to be able to use one of these modules. I have read many of the notes about these modules but some of the info seems to be dated. Does any know for sure if there is a module I c...

rwheeler by Beginner
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NAT with multiple outside interfaces

Is this possible?routerA connects to routerB witch connects to routerC and back to routerA.RouterA connects to the WAN or (internet)Each router has three interfaces.The loop is for redundancy in case of a circuit outage.All routers run OSPF.routerB p...