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I want to open three ports 3389,5132,5133 on the router so that remote user can access the local server. The serial interface address is 69.109.x.x and ethernet address is The server address is How to open ports on the router An...

Resolved! 3750 Stack Wise

We are very close to putting together a stack of 7 3750 PoE switches, but would like to understand the Stacking process a bit better:I plan on connecting the devices so that there is redundant connectivity.With this configuration, will the all the VL...

I have a remote site that is upgrading from a 3640 to a 3845. The 3640 has 1 NM-4E and 2 NM-2FE2W modules. I think I can just upgrade the NM-2FE2W to the version 2 module (NM-2FE2W-V2). However, I don't know what module to replace the NM-4E for the 3...

rlortiz by Level 1
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Does anyone where I can find a site survey checklist for installing a network infrastructure?I'm looking for something to document when assessing a new office location to setup a network for a small business.

samcneal1 by Level 1
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Is this rule still valid in 100-TX (802.3u)Can I extend the 100M limited distance of FE through using switch?e.g ----cable(100M)----Switch----100M----Switch.....

unitech by Level 1
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Hi...Whenever I telnet to the switch that my PC is connected to and type sho arp I get all the IP addresses of PCs connected to the switch while the hardware address is the same for all of them.How can I get the mac addresses of the PCs connected to ...

mo shea by Level 1
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hello, I am looking for a low-end Cisco router that is suitable for operating in a home network environment. I would like to be able to support at least 2 subnets so I think I need 2 ethernet interfaces with the router. Also, I would like to be able ...

rstringer by Level 1
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Hello,I am very very new to Cisco IOS.So was this question.1.How to set up 2950-24-SI swith for a teaming I thought the following cong. worksSwitch_A> enable Switch_A#configure terminal Switch_A#set port channel 0/0 -7 10 {desirable} Switc...

I am used of using the Cat5 cabling on my working environment and now they want to move to using the Category 6 (1000Base-T) cable. Could someone show me on how could I do the CrossOver, Straight, RollOver cabling Pin-assingment on a Cat6 cable using...