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I have a 1720 router and a WIC-1ENET when i first installed the Card it worked fine but my software package didnt have inter-vlan communication so i have upgraded to several different Options (i picked out software that cisco said could work with my ...

mikebrumm by Level 1
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I am a student employee at a research lab and we are trying to set up a local network for file sharing between scientists. Our workstations are connected to a hub then to a cisco 2620 router that is connected to our headquarters by a T1 line.We do n...

I think I have a problem with either my router.I can not seem to connect to any ftp sites. I had a power failure a week or so back that out lasted my UPS. Ever since then I have been unable to ftp out. I am not sure if my router has lost some sett...

rbmclean by Level 1
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Hi,We have a cisco 1700 series and two 2500 series these routers connect our three branches using leased line. presently each branches have different subnet. eg. Branch1 -, Branch 2 -, Branch 3...

wesleyjay by Level 1
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Setup is something like this:Cat 4000 ==> 2950Management vlan: 255Config on 4000:set trunk 5/2 on dot1q 1-1005Config on 2950:int gig 0/1 switchport mode trunk!int vlan 255 ip address connected to 2950 switches are able to access ...

skiran by Level 1
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Hi,I count one your expereience to find out where this errors are coming from:FastEthernet41 is up, line protocol is up Hardware is epif_port, address is 0005.32fb.412f (bia 0005.32fb.412f) MTU 1500 bytes, BW 100000 Kbit, DLY 100 usec, rely 253/255...

Hello,I need to discover an IP address for a device on a specific port(FastEthernet1/0/2 on a catalyst 3750. The switch and the patch panel are not labeled so I have no clue which devices are where. Is there a way to do this?ThanksRich B.

We have a class C network assigned to us and we needed to carve out a subnet from this network for the serial port on the router. So, I used and wanted to use for the rest of the network. Well, this did not w...

axfalk by Level 1
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I have a Catalyst 3550 that won't keep it's clock setting. Notice below, that when I set it, there is a dot pre-pended to the time. None of the other switches have this.cat3550p#clock set 18:42:00 Mar 12 2005 cat3550p#sho clock.18:42:05.379 EST Sat M...

csisadmin by Level 1
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Does anyone knows a way to create a virtual mac in a token environment.I can't use HSRP becouse the MAC i am trying to deploy isn't a functional one.

elbano_f by Level 1
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