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Hello, I'm trying to configure a Cisco 3850 with Fios.  I'm able ping across platforms and can ping all vlans.   I can't connect to the internet when I connects clients to any of the vlans.  Here's what I have on the switch: ( is the Fios ...

smutnpj10 by Beginner
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I need to select 6 new switches, and the model that fits my requirement in terms of ports is "C9500-40X".I also need to implement Stack technology on them but according to the datasheet the StackWise Virtual is not supported yet on "C9500-40X" model....

bledi_vako by Beginner
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Hi everyone, I need explain about config SLV on C9600:1. When SVL group links down, By DAD link, act switch convert to Act Switch-Recoverry mode, Stanby Sw- active. But SVL up why act sw-recoverry mode cannot switch back to the original. 2. As Cisco ...

Hello ; I have a 3750G switch that it has flash not detected on Roman mode, I try flash_init and dir flash: but no look as below :switch: flash_initInitializing Flash......The flash is already initialized.switch: dirList of filesystems currently regi...

youness10 by Beginner
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For a learning purpose I am creating a VLAN using an old switch: catalyst c2950. I used the suggested commands found on this community below :  Switch(config)#vlan 10 Switch(config-vlan)#name Restricted LAN Switch(config-vlan)#exit Switch(config)#int...

ma-si by Beginner
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we have collocation DC where customer can connect external switches not under our control, our aim is to protect our network from any changes done on the external switches cloud lead to L2 loop, we want to stop customers from participating in our STP...

eagle. by Beginner
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Hi, we use two SG350XG-24F as a Stack as core switches and 3 SG350XG-48T as access switches.The stack members are connected on fiber ports 23 and 24.  Each access switch is connected via DAC to each stack member. No LAG there.We only created a LAG on...

IFM by Beginner
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i have a WS-C3650-24PS with ver 3.6.6 and customer wants to upgrade it , i read in the guide that i normally set it to boot from the fuji 16.9.x version then afterward i have to do another upgrade process from bundle to install? is that necessary? do...

baselzind by Frequent Contributor
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I am reviewing the latest Auto QOS settings and trying to wrap my head around ingress priory queue. So COS 5 is used for voice and according to the configuration below should be placed in queue 2 (Priority queue). However, I am not seeing any mapping...

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