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A new challenge for me which our organization is going to rollup MS TEAMS very soon. However, I stuck those requirements how to apply QOS in our L3 switches that requested by our voice vendor as below:-Voice, Video and File sharing traffic originatin...

Chriskoh by Beginner
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Dear All,this is first time I try to ask Cisco Community how to solve a problem.My old Cisco MDS 9513 fiber channel switch is not usable due to a dual failure on both supervisor-2 elements.Both the two supervisors have a red status led. So, I decided...

Hi, I’m struggling with topic of Link Aggregation in my home LAN for while already. I have SG200-26 26-PortMy goal:Connecting two or more nodes to get speed between them higher than 1 Gigabits. Eg. FreeNAS server with zfs pool – 4x HDD in RAIDZ – 3x1...

pejt by Beginner
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Hello, I have 4 Cisco switches are connected to each other in a mesh topology with trunk links. The trunk links are allowing only specific VLANs to pass.Spanning tree configuration as below where SW1 acting as root and SW2 acting as secondary; SW1spa...

So, I have noticed issues with several Cat9500, where only ports on the active switch are utilized in LAGs spanning members. This occurs when traffic crosses an SVI boundary. Here's the kicker, Cisco says it is as expected (SR686413667). This problem...

casanavep by Participant
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HI,I was going through adjacency options for isis p2p and broadcast network. For broadcast isis have mechanism for three-way handshakebut for point-to-point link there must be p2p three-way handshake TLV present and here is the confusion.I captured s...

Hi all!I have an issue that I'm having a hard time solving.  Did a lot of reading and tried some of the things on this board, but cannot get it to work how I like. Background:Nexus Switch01 in L2 with no VLANs has 40 hosts connected to it.  STP is di...

hudib by Beginner
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https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/products/collateral/switches/350x-series-stackable-managed-switches/datasheet-c78-735986.html Hey,Please help me whit this,The model "SG350X-48MP" says "Number of Ports that support PoE" for this model 24 ports.Whit 740W...

GPumasupa by Beginner
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