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I've noticed when the SPA122 dials a call and receives a SIP 484 "Address Incomplete" response from the call agent, the call agent plays an announcement "call cannot be completed as dialed" and then the SPA plays what sounds like a dial-tone. It's ac...

Hello Cummunity.Our SPA 509G and SPA 525G2 doens't display the german character ä, ö and ü. The Personal Addressbook looks like this:"PersĶönliche Kurzwahl" insted of "Persönliche Kurzwahl".Installation was done with CCA.How do i fix that ?Thanks an...

Hello Community.If i setup the voicemail to mail. The setup doesn't work because, the mailserver is in another network than my UC. So therefore IP traffic from the UC to the mailserver works, but IP traffic back to the UC doesn't work because the rou...