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         I have a production UC540 with software pack 8.2 and a UC520 that I just upgraded to software pack 8.6 and this UC520 is only used for demo purposes. I use my desk 7975 phone with the UC540 as my work phone, but when I give a demo, I bring m...

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On the UC320W a feature that is annoying for us (but I can see was probably added to be helpful!) is that if a user records a voicemail greeting the UC320 automatically adds "Please leave your message after the tone. When finished press the hash key ...

Tengo un Cisco IP Phone Spa 525g y cuando trato de conectarme a un VPN me sale el siguiente mensaje: "Failed to obtain WebVPN cookie".Tengo instalado el último firmware.¿Alguna ayuda?                   Gracias.------I have a Cisco IP Phone Spa 525g. ...

I have a few Cisco 525G2's all flashed with and running 7.5.2a firmware (a-bt).After switching on the screensaver option then choosing the clock as my screensaver oh and settting the trigger interval at 120 (have tried 30 and 300 too) upon saving the...

Dear all,I have configured two schedules in UC560 using CCA 3.0.1 (office_hours and break_time).  I have then configured two auto-attendants. AA1 is used for office_hours and AA2 for break_time.  AA1 is working fine.  However, when it is break time, ...