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VPN & Inbound access-list

If routers tunnel traffic between 2 LAN, inbound access list must contain permits for Ipsec traffic from peer router and permits for “peer” LAN, because are passsed twice: before decripting Ipsec traffic and after.Will be accepted in this case an no...

pavelalex by Beginner
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VPN client behind PIX problem

VPN client 3.6 on inside interface of PIX cannot do NAT transversal thru PIX to remote sites. Anyone know a possible solution to allow clients thru the PIX ?Thanks

3t.sage by Beginner
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VPN usuage through SOCKs server

Hi,I'm sure this will be quite a simple question, but I'm yet to find any documentation suggestion that my request isn't possible.Am I able to use an application such as SocksCap, to redirect all IP traffic generated by/to my Cisco VPN client, throug...

Print Server in my remote access VPN

HI!i have to install a remote access vpn with a VPN 3005 in the central office and vpn clients in PCs in remote branches (with one or two PC`s).The problem is that one branch has a print server (HP Jetdirect) that has to be accessed from the central ...

private address with VPN, NEED HELP!!

Hello,I want to configure an IPSec vpn upon Internet between two cisco routers :2620 in the headQuarter, running a 12.0 version2611 in the remote site, running a 12.0 versionmy ethernet interfaces has a public address, and i have a private address fo...

IPSec VPN between PIX 6.x and MS ISA Server 2000

All,I have a customer that requires a secure DES IPSec site-to-site VPN tunnel between a Cisco PIX 506 firewall at one location and a Microsoft ISA Server 2000 at another. Before I attempted it, I wanted to see if anyone else out there had done so an...

tscarola by Beginner
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VPN client time outs

I have a PC with VPN client connecting to a VPN 3005. The VPN client is behind a PIX 501, so we are using TCP for IPSEC. The client keeps timing out after a few minutes of being connected. I connect, start a ping session, then after a bit it times o...

Vpn client with TACACS

Is it possible to assign the VPN client 3.x an address from a pool of addresses configured on a TACACS server or does the pool have to reside on a router/pix ?

eurostar by Beginner
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