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IP Routing on a 3005 IPSEC LAN2LAN ?

I have a test environment where we are connecting several sites via edge PIX 501s to a central 3005 concentrator over IPSEC Lan2Lan tunneling via the InternetI'm using static routing, communication from Site A and B back to the hub is good (and vice ...

jhatfield by Beginner
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Cisco VPN Client 3.5 on firewall-enabled Windows XP

IPSec VPN (through dial-up modem) to Cisco Concentrator 3015 would fail when using VPN client v3.5 on a firewall-enabled Windows XP station. Everything works fine when the XP firewall is disabled. Does anyone know how i could get the VPN up with the ...

ben_o by Beginner
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VPN through AOLv7 I have a PIX515

I have VPN working through everyone else except AOL.I've tried split tunnelling but even the tech at cisco say it will not work. I need a work around quickly. Please help what is everyone else using?

Two out of 4 total ipsec peers don't want to cooperate....

I have two pix firewalls that do not want to talk to each other.I am using crypto map and ISAKMP (preshared keys) for my lan to lan vpns.PIX #1 - PIX 515 restricted, version 6.2(1)PIX #2 - PIX 515 restricted, version 6.2(1)PIX #3 - PIX 515 restricted...

ccaron by Beginner
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monitoring vpn connections

Is there a way to montor vpn connections on a PIX515 v6.2 via snmp? I want to be able to push the info into an MRTG graph and/or send an email alert whenever a threshold is crossed. So far, I have not found anything on it yet. Thanks

How to configure IPSec redundancy with HSRP ?

Hi,I want to configure IPSec redundancy with HSRP. Frame-relay as primary and ISDN as backup link. no dynamic routing. I referenced the following site but I cannot figure out exactly. how to treat the static routing(maybe I need floating routing) and...

cjrchoi11 by Beginner
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VPN 3005 and Microsoft IAS (Radius Server) Issue

Has anyone gotten Microsoft Radius Server (IAS) on NT to work with the VPN 3005 Concentrator? I am trying to configure the VPN 3005 to use our NT domain, which has theRadius Server installed, to authentication users. In addition, to be able to use ...

paulawong by Beginner
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IPsec between one sensor and two directors

Hello,I would like to install two Solaris directors for redundancy.Then, one sensor sends its alerts to the two directors.Also, I want to use IPsec communications betweensensors and directors.Can we set up sysconfig-sensor so that one sensor cancommu...

d.beppu by Beginner
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2620 with ADSL-WIC VPN connection

I currently have a VPN3000 that I use for remote users to access our internal networks. I have a need now to add a remote facility using a VPN connection. I have a 2620 with an installed ADSL-WIC card to use at the remote facility. I have had the ADS...

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