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Hi! I have just installed a Virtual WLC at home for lab purpose. Now i want to connect one accesspoint to my wlc, but for now the WLC says "0 access points supported".  Can i somehow still use the evaluation licens and connect a accesspoint to the wl...

Lajja1234 by Level 1
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hi all;I have one RAP one MAP,I set the Bridge data rate to AUTO on both, how can I show the current data rate between them?what is the MAX range I can space between the RAP and MAP in outdoor and open area ?Thanks for the supports

Hi,the following config works on AIR-AP1142N-E-K9, AIR-AP1242AG-E-K9 and AIR-AP1242AG-E-K9, but it works not on several tested AIR-SAP1602I-E-K9.The config is the same, except for "FastEthernet" replaced by "GigabitEthernet" depending on hardware, an...

maweigel by Level 1
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Hello All,  I have an envorinment with 18 APs wich are mostly 1242AG and one 1142 AG. I have a 2125 Wireless Lan controller servicing the network at this time. I have set up the 2504 wireless controller on a test network along with a spare 1242AG AP....

jjnewbill by Level 1
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We have two Wism2 controllers running 7.3.10 and in the last 30 days they have both doubled the memory usage on the controllers. They went from 26% usage to 51% usage. Is there a way to figure out what may have caused this increase in memory usage an...

Recently a customer plan to migrate their old WCS to PI2.1. The issue is they are not upgrading the WCS VM. Instead they bought a new NCS appliance for PI2.1Has anyone tried to migrate the data from WCS to PI2.1 without migration process to NCS1.1.1....

Dear Team, I have Cisco 5508 wlc along with WCS. Kindly advise if I can install wIPS in my wireless network. Do I need to purchsase the MSE is mandatory for this wIPS installation. Regards,Jubair.S

jubair151 by Level 1
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Hi,OK, he is a intreasting one. I have a ASA 5510 which has been running fine (and still is). Not had any problems with devices etc. connecting to outside work and back.I'm trying to get a Meraki AP working to trial, however I'm getting something ver...

edw by Level 1
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