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Hello colleagues! After googling about 30 min, I didn't find the answer, so I hope for your help. The simple question: there are 2 routers , let it be c8300 sd-wan as a VRRP pair , there is a WLC c9800-L and several APs 9100 connected to C9300 switch...

Hi, We have got an interesting request and at this point I couldn't find any clear documentation if this request feasible. The customer wants to mount security cameras on the forklifts. The problem is the wireless antennas are so weak on selected cam...

O.K. by Level 1
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Hi guys,I have 30 C9115AXI. When I connect them to the network, I see them with cdp, I can ping, but it does not join the controller. I can't even make an SSH connection.When I connect with the console and write the ip address of the controller, the ...

Fernandes by Level 1
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Hello Team, Reading the document https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/products/collateral/wireless/catalyst-9800-series-wireless-controllers/guide-c07-744299.html to implement EWC on 9000 series, I see this note: Note:       HA SSO is not supported with the...

Hi all,i'm studying for ENWLSDI using cisco official cert guide but i have some doubts about Ethernet Bridging option in RAP/MAP access points.First of all, the book states that:"for security reasons, by default, all mesh AP have their Ethernet port ...

Hi,We are trying to upgrade environment wlc5508 to 9800. On dot1x related wlans we have issues. we use microsoft nps for radius. Regarding to 9800 AAA document we made configurations but although radius server seems up (form cli "sh aaa servers" comm...

Hi All, Just running into a few issues with a lab and wondered if anyone had seen this before. The AP is trying to join the 9800 WLC but is getting the following message.  *May  5 12:19:28.000: %CAPWAP-5-DTLSREQSEND: DTLS connection request sent peer...

Hi , im new in wireless network, so apologize if question is stupid )). We have office with multiple 7 APs running 5ghz wifi, users complaining about wifi weak signal. wlc and ap setup is auto channel and auto power. Power i see is very low like 6dbm...

biggizod by Level 1
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I have a 2504 WLC running which, because it is EOL, must be upgraded. We have a 3504 that is going to replace it. My plan is to move the 3504 from whatever version of software it is on to, take a backup of the 2504, apply that to ...

roo54 by Level 1
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H,I am new in wireless network (whole of my life i was wired network engineer), so appreciate if anyone can share their experience.I have wlc 8540 with air-ap4800-b-k9, wlc OS version, cpu usage 0%,memory 14% ,  supported 2000 AP has only ...

Bekzod by Level 1
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Hi EverybodyMaybe somebody saw same issues.I have Cisco controller 3500 and some access point 2702, some of them sitting in branch offices, connected via VPN. Some offices have also Cisco and some Fortinet-s, Cisco use DMVPN and Forti standard VPN wi...

sergo777 by Level 1
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Hello there, I was trying to add a new user to Prime Infrastructure (Build When clicked the "generate Password" field the slider for password strength appears but keeps staying empty.Using firefox hitting the save button does not work a...

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