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DHCP issue on C9800-40

Hi folks, I noticed some of wireless client faced DHCP renew issue when I using C9500-48Y-4C as DHCP server, and C9800-40 as wireless controller (Access point is using local mode).During DHCP renew, the wireless client will send the DHCP request pack...

Resolved! Switch for fabric enabled APs

I need to buy a new switch to support APs in a new area.  This particular switch will just support APs.   Initially, they will be local mode CAPWAP APs, but in the future they will be part of an SDA fabric.  Any limitations if I use a Cat9200 vs Cat9...

CFM for microwave links

Does anyone know where to find the definition as stated in Ethernet Connectivity Fault Management (CFM) extensionfor microwave devices as defined by Cisco ?   See Cisco document attachment, G.8032 and CFM Support for Microwave Adaptive Bandwidth, for...

Central dhcp at flexconnect

Hi Please see the below diagram with central dhcp server. Not sure how to define the "central". When we create dynamic interface at wlc, we need to enter dhcp server ip address. Can we say this dhcp server is central dhcp server? otherwise is local d...


Failure to lookup/decode data rate on 2802i

Hello, i changed my wifi setup from Unifi to Cisco and make my first steps.In syslog i cab see many entries like the following messages%RRM-3-RRM_LOGMSG: rrmLrad.c:5634 RRM LOG: Failed to lookup data rate for encoding 35389926, with channel width 20 ...

devil77 by Beginner
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Ap Groups on WLC but not in Prime

Hello there, I added an AP Group on a WLC Cisco 5508 but this AP Group does not appear in Prime 3.9.0.In Prime there is an issue "Wrong CLI Credentials" does this correspond to the missing synchronization mentioned above?Also the associated APs which...

WLC 9800 + AP9120AXi problem with Android 10

WLC Cisco IOS XE Software, Version 17.06.01C9800 Software (C9800_IOSXE-K9), Version 17.6.1, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc6)AP ver My 1+5T phone (Snapdragon 835, Android 10, Security patch 2020.09) won't connect to SSID.I've tried configurations like...

sikrest by Beginner
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