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I have a query.If there are 3 companies all using cisco wlc and 2 of the companies have a mobility anchor between them.(Company A and B), is it possible to for Company C to connect to companie A wireless lan via the mobility anchor on Company B?  Kin...

   We are having the said issue with all the branches after we have migrated the cucm 6.1 to 8.6, wireless phones register to VGW with SRST mode about 2 times a day, we have to manual kill it on the WLC in order to force them to register on the cucm8...

Good Afternoon,I was looking at a client detail on some of our Flex Connect AP's and in some instances I see a high number of Data Retries. Any indicitation as to what is causing this? Is it of any concern?                  

Hello,After installing an 8500 controller on and migrating 1000 APs do this controller, we have the following problems:[1] clients get disconnected and loose sessions (note: client is mobile gun and is heavily mobile). I have the impressio...

gnijs by Level 4
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Hello Cisco, Currently we have two remote offices using MAC filtering for wireles devices to join the wireless network.  Site A is using a Cisco 4402 WLC, and Site B is using a Cisco 4404 WLC.   What is the best way to enable/share MAC address filter...

MrDvD by Level 1
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                   Looking for ideas on how to deal with the following issue:We're utilizing webauth w/ passthrough for a guest SSID.  We have a cert (so no warning on client connect) and it works beautifully - unless a client is, for instance, signe...

Just about to embark on a WLC 2500 purchase for my LAN, I have a good idea on how I will configure the internal access to our corporate LAN. I was looking for some for guidance with the Guest portion. Is there any best practices or examples of how th...

Alex Li by Level 1
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I have a questionI have a wlc 5508 with license base to a capacity 100 AP. I have already registered 65 AP, and now  I need to register in to wlc 57 AP more.I would like to install a license of evaluation by 30 days. After that i'm going to purchase ...

We removed the APs on a floor while its under construction, and obviously it triggered alarms in CPI.  Correct me if I'm wrong:If I acknowledge the alarm, if an AP disconnects from the controller after I install them it will not trigger an alarm.I sh...

I am trying to setup another network on a AP that has already has a company and guest network set up. The new network will not be able to reach anything on our side. We have setup and configured a new 1921 Router to give this branch Internet access. ...

johnny_5 by Level 1
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I am having an issue with a 1552AP that is acting as a MAP, i have a AXIS camera attached to the POE out port via a midspan (midspan that it obtains its data from a data port and poe out port from the camera). The port comes up then appears then fail...

lukedp by Level 1
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There is a huge amount of CAPWAP traffic from access point to the ap manager IP address of WiSM1 . Around 215 gig. Is it normal or something strangeSent from Cisco Technical Support iPhone App

sreejith_r by Level 1
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