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Resolved! Mobility Anchor/Anchor Controller Design Question

Hello world,I have a short design question on Mobility Anchor/Anchor Controller configuration on 5508 v.7.2 :When using multiple Mobility Anchors for a WLAN for N+1 redundancy, I understand the default behavior ot the controller is it sorts the ip ad...

belessing by Beginner
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Actual wireless link speed low

Hi,I have 2 cisco Aironet 1252 setup as a point to point link using an external antenna (one radio is setup as the root bridge the other is setup as the non-root bridge). Now I see that the connection between the radios is established at a speed of 5...

OfficeExtend - 1142 - Loses Config.

WLC 5508 configuring an 1142 in OfficeExtend mode, the device connects and a DTLS Tunnel is established when behind the firewall.  When testing from a port outside the firewall, the AP fires up, but loses it's configuration - the AP rec...

Recognize attached antenna

Hi All, Im looking for possibilities to remote recognize attached antennas to AP1242. I have a lot of devices which not working properly. I think most of them have only one antennas installed , but I cant be sure if its fitted into primary connector....

Multiple antennas on AP1261

                   Hello,  I would like to install three antennas (2450S) on some AP1261 that i wold spread out 10 feet apart. I am not able to get the antenna on the C connector to transmit. I am not using 802.11N. This is for a warehouse where all ...

Lightning Arrestors for Aironet 1522

Hi,In ordering guide, 1522 are designed to withstand power surges on the AC power cord up to 4 kV as per EN61000-4-5 Level 4 & lightning arrestors are not required.What does it means? I've install the AP outdoor & using ant58g10ssa antenna. I'm afrai...

Resolved! LWAPP c1252 enable telnet access

Hi,I face with this simple problem...I have this LAP c1252 and it won't registered to the WCS/WLC....My Tier3 like to telnet/ssh to it to diagnosis but I am stuck as in how to enable telnet/ssh access on the LAP c1252 (I have console access to the c1...

choywy by Beginner
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NCS: Not generating scheduled reports (random)

Hello  We have had a report running which provides a detailed log of our wireless users on a daily basis in order to maintain a history of use. It ran well on our WCS system but is not running well on our NCS.We are seeing instances where the reports...

WLC and AP 2602 Join Failed

Hi all,anyone can help me for this log ?Translatiuokng "CISCO-CAPWAP-CONTROLLER"...domain server (  o ooi po iopo*Mar  1 00:00:57.527: %CAPWAP-5-DHCP_OPTION_43: Controller address obtained through DHCP*Mar  1 00:00:57.5...

probopurwo by Beginner
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Resolved! Windows 8 laptop unable to connect to WiFi

Hi guys,I have a computer with Windows 8 Enterprise and it is not connecting to our guest wireless network. Our guest wireless network uses WPA2 AES PSK for security.I've attached the debug client [client MAC address].Can you please advise what is th...

Gandeleg.G by Beginner
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Flexconnect for wireless voice and video

Hi all,I'm designing a WLAN to support voice for Cisco Jabber on iphones/android and 7925 wireless phones and I'm unsure if to use central or local switching. Our WLCs are installed in our data centres and there is an average of 20ms from the WLC to ...

Autonomous AP Management

All,I am now managing an environment that includes a dozen or so small sites that are running isolated APs that for cost reasons have been left autonomous.  Most of the devices that connect to the APs are non-domain managed and the wireless is intend...

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