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Max RF Power Spec

I am looking for the Maximum Power Settings Spec for the 3600 AP.  The one from 2008 is too old. Does an update exist?The AP Spec itself does not show power levels by channel and regulatory domain which is what I need.If I can't get the spec, I will ...

Wireless Mesh 1552 AP

I am trying to pass a WCS AP Template to my Test Mesh Root AP, when I try and apply the template, I get the following error:Failure: MEDIATION-1,Attempt to set conflicting attribute value,LradIf,adminStatus,LradIf! followed by the mac address.  This ...

Resolved! WLC 2006 port 1 not work?

Hi everybody, I'm a newbie in wireless, recently I got a WLC2006 and AP1130 - IOS: 12.4(10b)JDE- The AP has been changed LAP mode already- AP-manager port and managment port are PORT 4- I have configured the WLC's "Internal DHCP server"... When I plu...

wlc remove ap groups

HiI have a spezial issue...I have hade some AP-Groups with spezial charakters ...like ü,ä... al that german language stuff...Now i have the Problem that i can not delete these AP-Groups (no WLAN or  AP assigned).Not via GUI or CLI!!!Is there any hidd...

encrypted (DTLS)

I have a T1 connection to one of my sites, I am running HREAP with 4 AP's. I have been noticing a spike in traffic from my AP's to the WLC. Even when no one is on the wireless. Does anyone know when you use encryption (DTLS) should this cause spikes ...

Resolved! 802.11b Japan AP Channel 14

Hi All,Does any one know if Cisco's WLC's or NCS can detect a rouge access point operating on channel 14 when configured for country code GB?Thanks in advance for your replies.Sent from Cisco Technical Support iPhone App

Jay233 by Beginner
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