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Hello everyone,I am using web authentication with my Wlc 5508 and I would like to check all users currently connected (ip, login used, MAC address, ...) with SNMP.I am using an external web server and my client are authenticated with ldap.I know I ca...

Hi,I'm going to migrate from WCS to NCS then to PI. When migrating the licences from WCS to NCS, does the NCS server name need to be the same as the WCS server name?I can't find any documentation that states if WCS and NCS need to be the same name ho...

Resolved! Cisco 1142 AP PoE

After some searching I see many people using power injectors or switches that supploy PoE.  I am building a lab for the CCNA Wireless and currently have an old Cisco 3550 PoE switch and a 2106 Controller that I got at a steal of a price.  My question...

Hey guys-  Having a weird issue here that I can't figure out.  I'm starting to think it's related to 2 other surrounding companies who are running a WiFi Network on the same channels.  We currently are running APs on one floor, some have said they no...

I have 2, 2125 WLCs in my production network with the system software, I know this is pretty old but it's working for me. I need to purchase 1262 LAPs and although I read that software version 7 and higher should support them I'm concerned ...

Hi community:Two questions about planning wireless setup:1- Is there a resource/whitepaper from CISCO that recpmmends the number of users per Access point ? I figure the model should also be taken into account.2- Any recommended tool to plan the loca...

johnramz by Beginner
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Somewhere I ran accross a command to log off a guest user from the CLI.  I am now testing a new webauth bundle and would like to use this command - well, of course I can;t find it now when I need it!  Thanks Wes                  

Hi all.I've just been tasked with setting up 19 AIR-CT2504 WLCs with AIR-CAP3502E APs.  The primary objective is to maximize throughput from clients uploading LARGE files over the air.I need to make sure I config HT 802.11n properly with no support f...

mscherting by Beginner
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Hi there, is it possible to enable load balancing for a particular group of APs and disabled for the rest. Perhaps AP groups. Running 8500 WLC with 3600 series APs. It will enhance the service concurrent user capacities for areas with a high device c...

LF007 by Beginner
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