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Soon to be working on a design for a Wireless installation across one of our buildings. The wireless survery has been completed, and we'll be installing 175 APs, across the 3 floors of the building.With regards to the back-end WLC setup, I have a few...

Hi guys,The following picture is from a network in a hotel:- Cisco 3825 is managed by AT&T. No access to this.- There is no Layer 3 device in this network. - Access Gateway at 100.1 operates at Layer 2. It receives tagged traffic in order to keep tra...

i config aironet 1100 to be local authenticationi config follow this link http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/hw/wireless/ps4570/products_configuration_example09186a00801c0912.shtmlbut when i access to ssid pop-up ask username & passwordi insert...

fb_webuser by Frequent Contributor
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Hello,i have a client company that needs to extend their network. i am advising them to purchase the cisco aironet 1550. they did ask me a question which i am referring to you before answering them. does the wireless AP support all the communication ...

Hi, We have set up WLC in our enterprise. While trying to connect, i am getting validating identity error. we are using cisco 3502I series LWAP. when we fix the new LWAP, initially it was NOT joined automatically later, it joined, when we had issued ...

Hi there,     we are runing cisco 5500 Wireless lan controller,  when I look at Rogues pages, there are a number of access points has been identified. I try to search via their MAC address in our network, but can not find any. My understanding is tha...

Good day, quick and hopefully easy question here.I have a 5508 WLC and a series of 1140 APs. One small but annoying thing I have noticed is that the APs are pulling the correct time from the WLC but the timezone is off so they are showing time at 0 a...

jpgleason by Beginner
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I want to design the RFID tracking a big convention hall, which require around 300 AP for the 3 dimensional design. The AP are spread between 3 WLC. I have placed the AP so that I can get coverage from 3 AP in s single point. I would like to convert ...

Hi,I have a question. I configure a LAN with an office extended technology with AP: if the link from WLC and AP is down, the client that are connected to the AP, can continue to exchange the datas? Thanks in advance.---------------------------http://...

Resolved! AP's not joined

HiJust replaced a 2106(ver 5.1) with a 5508 (ver.7.2)...Everything was OK.. AP's got on 5508 and we shut the 2106. (AP's are on L2 with controller)During some investigation of why new LAP's from a location via VPN/GRE don't show up in controller, i t...

Hi,I have an 1131ag AP attached to our 5508 as an OEAP over the Internet.  Everything with the corporate SSIDs is working correctly, so no issue there.  I was wondering if a local ssid can be configured on the AP, similar to what can be done with the...

Hello,Let it be for example the following configuration: 1) we use WISM2 for service LAP within the organization... 2) for the guest access we use WLC 5508 acting as the "anchor" controller in the enterprise DMZ for "foreign" WISM2 controller...Suppo...

aukhadiev by Beginner
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I have a remote site that has an AP running in H-REAP mode which connects over our MPLS cloud to a WLC, which has one interface on the "inside" network and one on our DMZ.  The remote AP in H-REAP mode currently only runs our Guest SSID, but now I ne...

arsquires by Beginner
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I have two 5508 and a few hundred 1142 in our internal net. Now I bought some OEAP 600 to do tests in some small branch offices, but I would like to enable AP policies with MAC filtering to block that anyone else can connect an OEAP through our firew...

s.hellman by Beginner
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Hi all,I have setup an oeap 600 and it joins the primary controller 5508. The corporate SSIDs are showed in the wlan client but the client cannot connect to the SSID.The event_log from the oeap shows:*Dec 15 16:14:30.807: ADD_MOBILE from WLC,wmeEnabl...

hkupper by Beginner
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