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Hi,I'm doing a demo for a customer and I have a small "bug" on my WCS. The WCS is showing fault information on the home page. It says: "Total APs not yet assigned to Maps : 2". When I open the link, it says "None detected". There are also two unknown...

My wireless controller 4402 is running with 802.11a/n and 802.11b/g/n.  How do I disable 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11n and keep the 802.11g?Thanks.

na na by Beginner
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New commands were added to 6500 IOS SXF6 to ease initial setup of the trunk and channel ports for the wism. Problem is after typing these commands I can't undo them. This is the "wism module <mod> controller 1 native-vlan" command.After removing t...

jroyster by Beginner
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Resolved! Best solution

Hi, I have some problems with our Wifi network; we need to give support to around 800 PC connections to the wireless LAN.The data transfer is very low however in our current network the connection get lose or not respond on many PCs.We would like t...

We are currently having an issue with clients that connect wireless and go to the web.  Our WiFi adapters on XP choose 1500 mtu by default.  when being tunneled it causes the packets to fragment and the pages to take forever to load.  At 1300 mtu, ev...

Hello,I have WCS running at the version 6.0.132; would like to upgrade to latest version 6 available; downloaded software and started installation. At the point where installation should find the previous version, the messages says that there is none...

endpoint by Beginner
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Hi, I Use WCS 5.0.56 with 2 controller Wism and about 30 AP (AP 1130g). This morning I want to reboot some AP so I make a template and check the box for Reboot AP after update, I check about 10 AP and clic Apply button but it's stay at 0% of apply re...

jmccready by Beginner
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Hi,Could someone please point me in the right direction as to which Access Points / Bridge I need to connect one central building to five other buildings. With the potential to send the wireless across a Loch 1.2 miles away to give internet in a furt...

Tommo2010 by Beginner
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Dear Team,I have a problem with LWAP. i have 2 wireless stand's  802.11a and 802.11b/g configured in WLC. one of the lwap which is registered with controller appers in yellow in 802.11g, if i click all lwaps monitering mode but it looks green in 802....

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