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Hi,I am trying to build a solution for an SMB with mutliple access points for an indoor and outdoor solution (with Antennas), and looking for a cost effective controller. Looking at the 2106 I was wondering why only two PoE ports? Wouldn't it make se...

bjames by Level 5
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We have Cisco wifi setup at our office. Till now we had cisco Aironet access point -1000 series and the cisco Express- 500 series of switches. These switches inturn connects to wifi controller ( 4400 Series)  we do have wifi control system centrally ...

Peter_mlr by Level 1
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Folks,I've got an 877 Wireless router at home for testing and I'm struggling to get it performing.  I've plugged it into my current cheap adsl router to get the wireless up and working, but as I stroll into the next room, the cheap adsl router is sti...

This is part of the output from a show ip accounting:                 419              334799172.21.129.3 is the IP of the AP-manager interface on my Wireless LAN Controller. is a computer on my wired netw...

jasonww04 by Level 1
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I'm seeing the same problem as this: https://supportforums.cisco.com/message/3078877 but with a WRV210 router running firmware, which is the latest. When a wireless client attempts connection, the router does not try to contact the Radius se...

I have a school that has recently update/upgraded their wireless infrastructure.  They had a number of dead zones, and areas with poor coverage.  We performed a site survey and identified a number of locations that required some additional coverage. ...

Hello,Multicast Direct is a great feature for reliable video and broadcast voice messages in wireless.Is it possible to configure the Cisco wireless controller running the latest 7.x to do "Broadcast Direct"? I'd like to have the same reliability you...

grubis by Level 1
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We have several WLC526 controllers managing multiple LWAPs. The customer wants extra AP's, but the LAP521 is EOL, so we need an alternative.According to this link ( http://www.cisco.com/en/US/prod/collateral/wireless/ps7306/ps7320/end_of_life_c51-568...

jeroen-42 by Level 1
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I have a working 1200 Access Point, that uses 802.1x PEAP authentication back to an ACS.  I want to enable 802.1x on the switch interface the AP connects to, Interface f0/2dot1x port-control autodot1x multiple-hostsWhen enabled the dot1x stays unauth...

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