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CCX Verison AP1231 \ Intel Client

How do I know that the Client I am using is compatible with the AP? The Intel Client is using CCX V4. We also have other clients that are at CCX V3. I am seeing some issues with Authentication using Leap wtih the Newest Intel Client.At times the C...

AP startup gets stuck - strange behavior

Hi, anyone can help on this ?I power cycle my Cisco Access Point (Aironet 1200 series) connected thru console cable to my PC.On Hyperterminal, I notice that after certain initialization outputs the startup process 'freezes' always at the same point. ...

news2010a by Participant
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Resolved! WLC 4402 question

We have a WLC 4402 and I want to know if I can reboot all my AP's without going to touch each one at each site? I see an option under the Wireless tab, click on an AP then I see "Perform a hardware reset on this AP" will this just simply reboot the ...

jrose3 by Beginner
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802.11n greenfield in a mixed environment

we plan to have mixed 802.11n deployment coexistence with a/b/g clients. But we want to have some classrooms or labs to run greenfield only where people request 100Mbps bandwidth to transfer large images. What is the best practice to design some smal...

zhenningx by Enthusiast
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Question about Certificates

We have a customer that has a need to get rid of the Securit Warning users see each time they log onto the Guest Wireless and go to use the internet. I believe the best way to do this is to install a 3rd party certificate. I found this link:http://...

WLC Controllers

I have 2 controller environment. When I set the primary and secondary controller on a ap through the GUI, the ap doesn't move to the primary. I've set the mobility groups a couple of times.

Resolved! HREAP Problem

I have to configure an Access Point 1311 in remote site to be asociated with WLC in Central site. I have followed the following prcedure to do the same. 1.Configuring an AP in H-REAP Mode. a.Connect AP in the switched network; configure the port und...

sujithr by Beginner
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Resolved! All Radio Disabled for AP1252AG

Hi,I have 4500-E serial Catalyst Switch and AP1252AG access point. WS-X4248-RJ45V (48 Port PoE Card) is installed in 4500-E switch and access point is connected with this switch without power injector. But i am getting LOW power error in AP. AP have ...

Checking RADIUS status

Hi All, I am doing an upgrade of RADIUS server, I would like if there is any way in which I can check out the RADIUS server is working fine in all autonomous AP and WLC. I want to do it proactively before any customer comes and complaints of the aut...

Aironet 1200 not broadcasting; lost password

HelloI have limited experience w/ Cisco equipment, yet have recently taken a position that heavily using Cisco. I am actively working on expanding my knowledge, but have ran into an issue with a device that was installed/configured prior to me. I h...


Hi All,My company is in the process of opening a new head office building. The only addition to the normal network infrastructure being put in place is the incorporation of Wi-Fi access. I have been put in charge of this project, even though I have n...

Radius attribute 8

I have a problem in accounting, my aironet with ios don't sent attribute 8 (Framed-IP-Address) in accounting packet. I active attribute 8 by radius-server attribute 8 include-in-access-req, i need this attribute in accounting. Why my aironet don't...

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