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I am installing a 5508 for the first time using a ESW 540 switch.  I can not gain access the 5508 if I asign a vlan to the management port.  I have to leave it as untagged to gain access.  I will need to have two vlans on the wireless AP's.  The AP's...

broow by Beginner
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Hello everyone,I just want to verify that the AP1220B access point can be upgraded to 802.11G and that only the radio is required to make that change.  No additional antennae or anything else neededThanks in advance.  All replies rated

angel-moon by Participant
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Does anyone know how to configure a 1250 access point to authenicate to Windows 2003 IAS. I currently have followed links on the web but cannot get the client to authenicate.Any documentation that works? Do I need certificates on the client or at the...

Hello,I have a few 1131ag APs that I'm using in Autonomous Mode.  I've configured and everything looks fine but the "mood ring" is yellow.  I've worked with these previously in lightweight mode and know they should be green.What does the yellow statu...

Hi all,I am currently working on a demo box which Cisco sent me of an integrated 3750 / WLC.I am testing out as a solution for remote sites which need wireless guest access on non-cisco APs (aruba Xirrus etc).Here's what i have so far,WLC/3750 is con...

scottread1 by Beginner
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I have a 526 controller managing 3 lightweight 521 APs.  I would like to config the APs for maximum distance even if it brings down the data performace a bit since these APs are 99% used for voice.  I can't find where to do this on the 526 managment ...

tato386 by Frequent Contributor
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I want to upgrade my WCS to RedHat Linux 5.0.  I have burned the iso image to a cd, rebooted the WCS and find nothing happening.  Prior to rebooting, I start a SSH connection to the appliance so I figured that I would see it come up and the upgrade s...

bm_5789 by Beginner
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After not loging into WCS for 3 weeks I tried to login yesterday and kept getting a error message that my username is invalid.  "please tryagain with a valid user name and password"  this password has not changed and none of the passwords are working...

Hi EveryoneI have recently changed my PC to windows 7. I am having trouble getting my Cisco PCMCIA wireless card working. Whenever I insert it into my machine it crashes it. Has anybody has this experience or managed to get this device working with W...

s.vosper by Beginner
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hi,I need the information regarding how to perform a site survey and to decide potential locations where AP can be placed.Is there a complete documentation regarding it. Also i want information regarding site survey tools (cisco and noncisco). Is the...

nareh84 by Participant
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Hi there. I have a WRVS4400N router, and I was wondering if it was possible to implement roaming wireless connection. I had understood that that router didn't allow roaming. In that case, which would be the options to implement a wireless N roaming?T...

Hi all,I've found a few info on how to configure the bandselect feature, I think I have an idea how it would work, but I was looking for some literature/documentation that would explain how does BandSelect work with some detail?Can anybody point to s...

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