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Resolved! Tenant Wireless

We currently have an office building with company employees using the our wireless infrastructure.We are going to start leasing some of the open space to tenants and we are going to offer wireless connectivity. Does anyone know where I can find docum...

Wireless connection fails

Connection to wireless networks fails with the following error:Tue Aug 5 11:15:54 2008 RADIUS server deactivated in global listTue Aug 5 11:15:54 2008 RADIUS server failed to respond to request (ID 111) for client 00:1...

Resolved! WPA/AES and WPA2/AES

Is there any difference between WPA/AES and WPA2/AES. I realize that WPA was pre-standard but I'm wondering if there are any "technical" differences.Any help is greatly appreciated.

rsumpter by Beginner
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I need the default passwords for a ip phone 7921.How can i reset to factory default an cisco ip phone 7921?.thanks

Resolved! Join-Request not received by WLC

Hi all,I'm in the process of upgrading autonomous 1242(MIC) APs belongs to an external client of to make them part of the existing lwapp based infrastructure. I could observe successful Discovery negotiation.Next,AP sends the join-request but WLC ...

Wireless signal strength

Hi,I have deployed Cisco 1230AP units in our Office all on different channels far apart. Oddly - in the morning the signal is pretty strong (sometimes rarly this isnt the case) but in the afternoons it drops to a much lower stength? As far as I can t...

edw by Beginner
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Resolved! Fast Roaming

I have 4 air-ap1242, I want implement the fast roaming feature, my question is about the wireless clients. What brand of nic are supported by cisco aironets?. Only Cisco?.Thanks

1242 connectivity issue

Please see attached Visio to understand my topology. I am using a 1242 that is running c1240-k9w7-mx.124-10b.JDA. Issue: When I try to use TCP 80 (HTTP) from the laptop I get "the page cannot be displayed" even though I can ping the server with 30...

anowell by Beginner
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7931 - Toggle between calls

Hi,I've configured a 7931 phone with one line (and have allowed a maximum of 2 calls with a busy trigger of 1).I'm trying to work out how to toggle between two calls that in the following scenario:Incoming call on line 1.Call is answered and then tra...

bfbcnet by Beginner
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wireless non connectivity

Hi all;i have an issue, we have a small wireless network using a cisco 2000 series WLAN controller, and for sometime now it would drop connectivity to the cisco accespoints. it would normally be resolved by resetting, however recently it took a turn...

bel_cisco by Beginner
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Increase nvram memory

I need know how i could increase the nvram memory?. because i have an cisco Access Point with only 32k in nvram and i can't load a file configuration since a WLC , The size of file is more than 32k

Mie1am900 by Beginner
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