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Bridge Group in Access Point

I'm configuring an AP1130 AG with two vlans: one for the managemement and one for the WiFi users. The customer does not want to use the VLAN 1. I created radio interface 0.<management vlan> and 0.<WiFi VLAN> using two specific bridge-groups (differen...

mperduca by Beginner
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Reset controller, Why??

Hello I wonder if exist something like Output Interpreter for wireless??I have a 4402 controller has been rebooted for no reason in and the log only appears is: Apr 26 10:25:04.174 hwutils.c:2159 INIT-0-MSGTAG007: Security Module not found.Apr 26 10:...

slandeira by Beginner
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Resolved! WLC Upgrade & AP

Hi all, i'm going to upgrade a pair of WLC with a very old software image. Since this situation requires several intermediate upgrades, I was wondering if I can disable the distribution ports at the begining of the upgrade and then enable them at the...

fromthesky by Beginner
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How ACS SE integrate with Oracle?

Hi,My customer has bought ACS solution engine and would like to implement IEEE 802.1x for its wireless users for control accessa) Current user database is Oracle. I understand to integrate with Oracle, one needs to use ODBC-complaint RADIUS server bu...

c.ong by Beginner
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DHCP option for 1142 N Access Points

I recently purchased an 1142 N AP for testing on our network. It is an AIR-LAP1142N-A-K9 and our controllers are running version I was trying to set up the scope in our DHCP server for option 43, but I do not see this model. We are running ...

vancamt76 by Beginner
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LWAP Rogue Detector AP - alerting

Has anyone figured out a way to get an AP set in Rogue Detector mode to stop alerting radio down/assoc/disassoc. The radio is down I understand but if you leave an AP in RD mode to monitor wired traffic you are going to get a flood of alerts...Using...

DHCP on Wireless Controller?

I'm considering configuring DHCP on our Wireless Controller (4402-50) for our Management VLAN will include the Lightweight Access Points.Usually I configured DHCP on our Cisco routers/switches with options 43 and 60, which will instruct the WAPs whic...

ryabutler by Beginner
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Nokia, WLC & U-APSD

We are using Nokia ESeries phone with the standard built-in SIP client.It works great but to improve the battery life I'm trying to follow a very specific Cisco paper: Cisco Unified Wireless Network Design Guide for Nokia Eseries Phones ( http://www....

Remote Access to AIR-AP1231G-A-K-9

I have two FastEthernet configured in the AP; Fas0.150 & Fast0.151, each one of them dedicated to a VLAN. I gives the BVI1 an address from the Fast0.150 range and I connect the AP to the Ethernet port as trunk in the switch. I cannot connect to neith...

Cisco 1130 AP connection speed?

What speed do Cisco 1130AG access points connect to the network via the Ethernet port? Is it a 10/100 connection or does it support gigabit? I've searched and can't seem to find this information. Thanks!

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