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We have had some reports of pool performance within certain areas of our campus.  I have noticed some areas have AP's simply setting on a desk and not mounted in the ceiling.  The model of the APs are 3802's and 9120's.  Would mounting them to the ce...

joeharb by Contributor
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Just curious if anyone has tested this yet on Cisco WLC - If your DHCP leases are set to 4 hours on your DHCP server, and your reauthentication is set to 24 hours on your WLC, what happens if the client is authenticated but goes dark for say 6 hours?...

Steve_81 by Beginner
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Hi all I have a Issue WLC 5508 ,  the memory is kept at 80%, while the CPU is at 1%. code ,    with 90 APQuestion : How can I check what is draining the memory of the WLC? thanks

jamancill by Beginner
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I work for an MSP and also do sales into some enterprise clients, I have a client with 4x 3602 APs and another 17x 3702 APs ready to be installed.A colleague of his told him he needs a wireless controller now, he wants to know if that is a requiremen...

retnaosan by Beginner
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I recently upgraded my Cisco ME environment to, 3802 and 2702 APs. Apparently, when I did that my Ring Doorbell and Stick Camera both stopped associating to the network. I was unaware until a week ago I tried to view them and their battery...

ryan.rose by Beginner
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Wondering if anyone can help me. I'm troubleshooting a AIR-CAP3502I-AK9 Access Point. When I first opened it through console it said there's no bootable IOS image on the device. So what I did was connected it through Hyperterminal with these settings...

feniss by Beginner
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Hi Cisco  Community.I have an issue with AP AIR-CAP1532I-E-K9 with image LW ap1g3-k9w8-tar.153-3.JK7.tar.It's not able to join WLC.My WLC is:NAME: "Chassis" , DESCR: "Cisco 5500 Series Wireless LAN Controller"PID: AIR-CT5508-K9, VID: V03The version o...

Good day,i need a help to set up wireless network at my office.I have cisco 1900 router which will be connected to ISP. Then the plan is to connect cisco Wireless controller 2504 to router. And finally Access points will be connected. Please suggest:...

ev4ld by Beginner
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ISSU is supported only within and between major releases, for example, 17.3.x to 17.3.y, 17.6.x to 17.6.y (within a major release) and 17.3.x to 17.6.x, 17.3.x to 17.9.x (among major releases), that is, for two releases after the current supported re...

Hi All, I'm currently planning a migration from a Cisco 5508 WLC with 3700/3800 access points to a Cisco 9800 WLC with 9100 series access points. Due to various requirements and constraints, the customer does not want to change the SSID names, authen...

dm2020 by Beginner
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