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Antenna choice in repeater mode

Hello,I need to repeat a signal between a big wall.AP1-< ~ >-AP2-< ~ >-WGB1AP1 is rootAP2 is repeaterI know that using a splitter is not recommended in AP2. So on AP2 can I use an directionnal antenna directly attached to Right connector and a second...

tcannito by Beginner
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I can't reset my AP 350! Will a hammer do it?

I've just bought a 2nd user AP-350 but can't reset it. I have found its IP address using CDP from a connected switch. When i browse or telnet to it i'm prompted for a username & password. This is the same for any console access.I have followed instru...

802.11a antenna questions

We have a 1200AP with both 802.11b and 802.11a antennas. Now, the documentation for the 802.11a antenna (flip-top antenna on AP) says it may be a omni-directional or patch antenna functions.Does it perform both? If not, how do I switch from omni to...

jamesgef by Beginner
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upgrading AP 1200

Got two new AP 1200s. came with the VxWorks OS in it.Wanted to upgrade the image to IOS 12.2 JA.Downloaded the VXWORKS-to-IOS conversion image, and started upgrading the AP, via the web browser. In between the upgrade, due to a power outage, both APs...

Thin Client losing connectivity

I have an AP350 shooting a link to a WGB350. The link is about 150m wide. On the WGB side there is a hub with one IBM Netstation connected. They have been stating that everytime they need to use the netstation they have to reboot it, to get it to ...

Bridge Connection problem

Hello,I have a Cisco 350 Wireless bridges setup 18km apart.One is setup as Root and the other as NON-Root.If I connect one machine, its works fine.As soon as I connect more than one machine I loose connection to the server on the headoffice side.I ha...

johnnys by Beginner
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Overlapping Channels

Hi,I have 5 cisco 1200 APs each about 1 mile apart at each tower. Clients have Yagi's on homes pointing to the closest tower having disconnect issues. I have heard that we should not have any AP's within coverage area using overlapping channels. That...

Antenna Spiller for 2.4Ghz

Does anyone know about Antenna Splitter for 2.4 Gh I would like to try an AP with 4 Antenna ?? Does anyone know the product number of it?? so I can order it.Regardsisraelisrael.berko@hp.com

iberko by Beginner
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IP address changes to MAC address

I have 4 350 series access points, 3 repeaters and 1 root access point. All is working well with the added security, BUTafter around 19 days 2 of the repeaters tell me that they are leaving the "BSS", then i cannot log on the them and when i try with...

Using AP 350 to Linkup a wired LAN

Hello,I have a 10 nodes wired LAN about 100meters away from my wireless LAN and I wish to access the Internet through the wireless. Can I connect the wired LAN through an AP or must I use a bridge or workgroup bridge?Thank you.Chafe

aichafe by Beginner
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FIPS 140

Does anybody have experience with this security standard? We have a combination of mobile vehicles and fixed sites on a test grid. All are using either BR350's or WGB350's. We have 3 towers with one tower accessing the post LAN. All towers are us...

tspilman by Beginner
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Peap & MacOS X

Hello all,I'm new to Cisco gear, so I could use a hand. I have a MacOS X 10.2.6 PowerBook and a 350 series PC Card WLAN adapter. The access point I am trying to authenticate to uses Peap. I have the latest drivers for the 350 on the Mac, but can't se...

cuyahoga by Beginner
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