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How do I configure the aironet 350 AP and Airport to connect to my provider's(Verizon DSL) PPPoE connection?The airport sees the aironet access point. But I can't enable the PPPoE connection. The web interface to the aironet configuration shows up. S...

nagu by Level 1
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Do the Aironet 350's have the option to run Spectralink Voice Prioritization? The 340's had SVP enabled by default. Did Cisco get rid of it in the 350's? I looking to by Spectralink Netlink IP phones but am being told I have to buy an SVP for ever...

tboynton by Level 1
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I need to push 1.5 Mb wireless connectivity to a location about 5 miles away from the office. I’m looking at putting a Cisco Aironet AIR-ANT3338 Dish at each location. I will also need 100+ clients to connect to the wireless network using the Cisco w...

MSNiCROS by Level 1
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I've installed the newest ACU for the Aironet 352 card under Windows XP Professional but there seem to be some problems. After installation the standard login screen doesn't work anymore, it just shows a login like Win2000 (with Ctrl-Alt-Del). When I...

weeder by Level 1
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Hello,I had heard Cisco will stop the production of wt-2700 fixed broadband solution ?is it possible to find some other cpe ( chaep ) working on doccis with ODU working on a 2,5-3,5 or UNll band.Many ThanksDanyel

I am attempting to find out if a Cisco 350 Series Work Group Bridge will "talk" to a Lucent Technologies AS2000. We currently have the AS2000 set up and running talking to the Orinoco 11mbps Silver Cards that have been installed and configured insid...

swensonj by Level 1
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Hi,Let me explain the secinario first. I have a Central Office and 5 branches within 30KM which I want to conncet. Central Office is in the middle of it. What would be the best solution for it.TksKallol

kallol by Level 1
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