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I have two Aironet 350 APs installed in our Enterprise wharehouse. I keep getting the error message "Network Bridge Loop: Received packet from Self destined to [AWC Mcast All]014096ffffff on port "fec0" on both AP. Is there some extra config that mus...

cmd1 by Level 1
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I want "restarting" BR340/350 by SNMP. How do it ?Like ". i 1" for BR200(Arlan640) ?aleks.

aleks by Level 1
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We are running a lot of BRI340(11Mbs 1/2 Duplx) wireless bridge links with multihops i.e repeater sites.We use the same unit all the way through.The two units at rptr site is connected with crossover utp >o.5m.Supposed Throughput is 4.5Mbs but testin...

jkymdell by Level 1
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The 'SSID1' field gets changed to all vertical-looking bars or boxes when the client associates with the AP 350 Access Point. I can change the SSID back to 'johndoe' and it associates for a couple of seconds, then unassociates. If you go back into th...

gino by Level 1
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Does anyone have a list of installer across the country who specialize in 802.11? Working on a national project that will require the help of installers and network management.Thanks, Stuart@Revenue.com

s-browne by Level 1
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I have implemented a Cisco Wireless LAN with Cisco Aironet 350 Series AP's and Radio Cards. We were concerned about the issues with Static WEP and have implemented a Cisco Secure ACS Radius Server to provide Dynamic WEP (Leap enabled on the Clients)...

RayDMays by Level 1
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When an AP is set for all data rates (1,2,5.5,11), does it drop to the lowest common data rate? In other words, if a client is connected at 2Mb, will the AP drop to 2Mb for *all* clients sessions, or can it adjust to multiple data rates for multiple ...

ertrqueen by Level 1
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Other than the standard CISCO AP , NIC and RADIUS server,is there any recommended product (hware or sware) I should be looking at before attempting to put a basic wireless LAN together...First time attempt

Hello, I have a used router that I bought to study for my exams When I console to the router it gives me a password (after the router checkup) which I don't know. How do I get rid of that? Is there anything like "format" on this router? Any help is n...

I want to connect some Aironet 350 bridges with another one in a centralized location to achieve a wireless communication that let me not to use leased lines or something like that.The distances are large, so I'll use a dish in the satellite location...

dlopez by Level 1
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This customer is keen to build a MAN with 802.11 bridges, and run AVVID IP voice as well as data over the links.My questions are 1) Can the Aironet 350 bridges encrypt the link and re-key at regular intervals, and do you do this with WEP as it looks ...

tbanks by Level 1
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HiI have configured my Aironet AP350 for two type of client. Client that are EAP authenticated and client that are MAC authentication. I want that EAP client have access to all my network resources and that the MAC client have access to only few reso...

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