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Hello AllPlease could you confirm that the reason for restarting of the access point is related with Poe issue?Last reset from power-onI didn't find logs for Poe issue...Logs from the switch:016229: Jun 17 10:32:42: %LINEPROTO-5-UPDOWN: Line protocol...

Hello team, Im new in the wireless world and I'm reading docs about the controller Catalyst 9800-CL and I'm facing some doubts, we can see 3 interfaces in the manual, they are:1- Device Management interface;2- Wireless Management interface;3- High Av...

LKL4 by Level 1
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Having a weird issue with some MacBooks we are using on wireless. When we leave the MAC address on standard setting we get speed throttling on download (2 mbps down and 100 up) but if we change the MAC address, we get full download speeds (100 down a...

Hello Everyone!  I have two types of RF cables AIR-CAB005LL-N and CAB-L400-5-N-N According to specs AIR-CAB005LL-NN(m)-STR to N(m)-RALMR-400, 5 foot RF cableType: outdoor DB (direct burial) CAB-L400-5-N-NN(m)-STR to N(m)-RALMR-400, 5 foot RF cableTyp...

Test5047 by Level 1
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Unable to configure more than one snmp trap receiver with same snmp community string in AireOS WLC. AireOS WLC(Cisco Controller) >config snmp trapreceiver create ABCDEFGH Trap Receiver added!(Cisco Controller) >config snmp trapreceive...

Hello experts,  @balaji.bandi  @Scott Fella  @Sandeep Choudhary  @Rob Ingram  I have two 1704 APs connected with 2504 Controller. Both APs look fine within Controller login but Physically, One AP having green blinking light whereas other AP is having...

Hello Geniuses, I have WLC 2504 and running with 1700 and 2700 series APs at the moment. Couple of AP 1130 also were working fine till few days ago. After a reboot of WLC due to the power failure, all of a sudden, all 1130 APs are not joining to the ...

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