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Resolved! Wrong IP addresses being assigned to wireless clients

I have an Aironet 1142n (10.30.10.x) that for some unknown reason, is only connecting to the secondary WLC (10.10.10.x). Why is the Aironet handing out 10.10.98.x addresses instead of 10.30.x.x addresses? How do I change this behavior? 

IT233 by Beginner
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How to use radio resource management to defend DOS attack and use management frame protection to defend flooding attack?

How to use radio resource management to defend DOS attack and use management frame protection to defend flooding attack? where should apply management frame protection in WLAN? AP , Guest?when applied to Guest, the password of Wifi return incorrect p...

Maivoko by Beginner
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Radio0 not present 0 0 0 0 0 0 Aironet 1572

Hi, I'm reaching out to see if anyone has encountered this issue. IOS Bootloader - Starting system.flash is writable40MB formatCyprus MB -- 40MB of flashXmodem file system is available.flashfs[0]: 24 files, 5 directoriesflashfs[0]: 0 orphaned files, ...

DomT by Beginner
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Default login for air-ap2802-e

What is the default login for an air-ap2802-e?  I've already tried Cisco/Cisco, admin/cisco, cisco/Cisco!   In addition are there any good configuration guides? I coudn't find any detailed enough.   Thanks,

How to avoid a join request with two AP? how to have two independent controller? (both use Mobility Express)

Hi to all, I'm just receive a second AP 1852e, so i have two AP 1852e.I would like to use these two AP with the same SSID in my house and automatically switch from one AP to other without depending on which one is closest (without manipulation), both...

Migrating from 3850 Converged to 5520 WLC

Hi everyone, I need to migrate from an existing 3850 Converged Access mobility controllers to a 5520 WLC. What is the process of doing this in the switch config? I would like to keep the basic config if possible in case I need to roll it back.  In re...

kkunimoto by Beginner
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Cisco WLAN Controller in the Cloud

Hi,Looking for some guidance. Our company is moving toward shipping infruastructure to the cloud. One in particular is the wireless land controller. What are my options here for migrating to the cloud. We have 200 sites, 3 data centers (each data cen...

Lost AP license after WLC reload

Hi All, Observing strange issue : After reload of WLC in HA mode, observing some AP licenses disappeared from total AP license count.steps followed for the change : - broke the HA - reloaded- Disabled the unused ports ( as this was cause of change )-...

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