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dear community, I have a lab env. and facing problems with Sonos grouping - see details:- Using ewc @c9130axi (v 17.3.1)- Using two Sonos device   - Sonos BEAM   - Sonos SUB- AP is Flex mode due to ewc BEAM and SUB are both connected to wifi and are ...

yaya by Level 1
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Hello, On a 5520 WLC v8.3.143, AVC profile and visibility are enabled but there isn't any statistic : AVC Visibilty.................................... EnabledAVC Profile Name................................. Rate-limit-50M ...............(UCH225-0MC...

LAN team by Level 1
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 Hello guys, i have a question.I have created a bridge on the 2.4 GHz network between the ap802 (with station-role root  to accept only bridge connection ) and on the air1142 on the 2.4 GHz (with station-role non-root wireless client with two ssids i...

Hi everybody,As said in title i'm not able to activate 5Ghz interface in my 2600 Aironet AP.I tried with CLI commands as :   configure terminal   interface dot11radio 1   no shutdown   endBut nothing changed, Radio1-802.11N5GHz inteface stay in "Disa...

gadje by Level 1
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Hi GuysI have some indoor AP's configured and running on with my WLC 5520now I'm trying to configure my outdoor AP's to the same but it doesn't seem to work. WLC ver 8.5.161AP ver im getting the following when i console to the AP CRIT-MeshL...

jamy66 by Level 1
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I just install a new WLC into existing network. All are same model, Cisco 5520. I have configured the new WLC with same settings as the current WLC. But the new WLC still unable to see all APs. Please share me the guidance for this issue. TIA. 

Our environment is a manufacturing floor.  Currently our access points are almost 40ft in the air with 2dB antennas.  I have read that Cisco recommends a height of 20-25ft with omnidirectional antennas for our environment.  We have purchased a set of...

Hi, brAt the moment, I have a strange problem about with Cisco AP add to FlexConnect Groups-custom groups not default flexconnect group.Environment:A new Cisco AP 1700i (fitap)Cisco AP 1700i is already registered to the WLC5508Wireless Management Ver...

Flexconnect group vlan issue2.png

Hi.My customer has a 5520 WLC running and we have local net users configured, which are used for Web-Auth on one of our guest SSIDs. For no apparent reason they appear to be keep getting deleted and we only discover it when we try and logi...

Our MSE appliance on last legs, so we have moved to the VM version while looking at DNA Space. I've asked Cisco Licences to rehost the LIC file which they have, but have a issue. The udi looks like this AIR-MSE-VA-K9:V01:MSE02.someworkplace.com_677a7...

Resolved! vWLC update path

Not sure why this information is so hard to find for me.  I know I've seen it in the past when doing other upgrades. I'm working on upgrading a vWLC from to From what little information I can find it looks like I need to 

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